Henchmen of Corrupted Garegin II and U.S. Western Diocese Primate Hovnan Derderian Issue Death Threat Against USA Armenian Life Magazine Editor Appo Jabarian

Posted on February. 9. 2019

Los Angeles, CA – On Sunday Dec. 23 a henchman of Garegin II and U.S. Western Diocese Primate Hovnan Derderian issued death threat against USA Armenian Life Magazine Managing Editor Appo Jabarian.
In addition to issuing death threat, in broad daylight, three thugs came out of Western Diocese compound and brazenly vandalized and stole protest banners.
At around 12:30 PM Sunday, they walked from Diocese compound toward a 17-foot truck which was legally parked in front of Diocese in a spot near the curb violently tearing apart protest banners mounted on the truck and dragged them into the Diocese compound.
All three thugs are clearly filmed in their criminal act. However as of press time, Thursday January 4, their identity remained unknown.
Suspect number 1 (a bald man) is seen on video footage to be the main culprit who has issued the death threat against Appo Jabarian, saying in Armenian language, (§Որտեղ տենանք (բողոքի պաստառները) պոկելու ենք։ Մի քիչ էլ շարունակէք վզներդ ենք պոկելու¦) “Wherever we see them
(protest banners) we will tear them apart, and if you keep on posting them we will tear your neck apart.”
The protest banners were prepared by Los Angeles area Armenian American protesters voicing their strong disapproval and condemnation of corrupted spiritual leaders and servants as well as widespread corruption and nepotism in Armenian Apostolic church, not just in Armenia but
also around the world, namely here at Western Diocese.

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