Posted on February. 14. 2019

These bishops are thinking to put an end to the power of the monarch
In the medical field there is a specialty that can read the facial expression of a person.
For now, I leave that task to professionals, humbly saying that these bishops are thinking as to when are they going to put an end to the power of the monarch — ANTO.

“Domino Effect”. When the first stone of the domino collapses, all the stones in the system follow it overthrowing one after the other.

Scrawny anxious Bishops dressed in their black garb are huddled in their chairs in panic. They are numbed listening in horror and realizing the negative narrative that surrounds them. Their faces turning pale wondering what is going to happen next. They have had the opportunity to take a positive step to help the flock yet fear the domino effect. Instead they are not pushing for an uncompromising fight against the fall of Garigen II. In order to avoid the domino effect, they have become the supporters of a deceitful church.

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