Fr. Yeghishe has failed in all his pastoral duties in Sweden

Posted on February. 14. 2019

Who are the leaders of “Garegin’s Witnesses” sect?

This obscene imposter who calls himself a priest; who fails in all his pastoral responsibilities in Sweden; who has been expelled from all the communities and who is prohibited from entering the courtyard of the church fails to attract any participants to his liturgies in Stockholm.

Without shame and conscience this person dares to write a disreputable and pointless letter to Fr. Koryun who now is a highly respected, valiant and highly disciplined individual.

I would like to advise you, the licker of unworthy feet, to send your letter to your blasphemous non-Catholicos Garegin II to ask him, According to which Apostolic canons it was possible to have illegal sexual relationships and illegitimate child; and how is it acceptable to commit fraud in elections for Catholicos and to rig the votes and engage into acts of intimidation of electors in order to ascend the throne of St Gregory Illuminator for 19 years violating people’s rights and neglecting dozens of church rules and regulations?

Shame on you, fake Reverend Yeghishe!

Deacon Christopher Frounjian

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