Inside the walls of Holy Etchmiadzin, Catholicos Garegin II pursues Evil and Criminal Activities

Posted on February. 14. 2019 (5.05.2014) — The following open letter was sent to the editor from various members of clergy in Armenia, Artsakh and various parts of Armenian Diaspora concerning highly corrupted Catholicos Garegin II and his cohorts.

Many of us are held captive of the criminal activities of certain “clergymen” that sit on the throne with Catholicos Garegin II,  at the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin.

Historically the Armenian Apostolic Church at Holy Ejmiatsin rejoiced with dedicated Catholices and clergy such as Khrimyan Hayrik, Khoren Muratbekyan, Mets Gevorg Chorekjian, Vazgen I., Garegin I.

Collectively they courageously saved the Holy See from destruction.

They helped with immigration, and helped fight for the independence of Armenia and Artsakh.

They reinforced the bridge between the Motherland and the Diaspora. They devoted their life to the enlightenment of the Armenian Apostolic ancient church.

After such a star-group of Catholicoi no one could imagine that the See of the Holy Etchmiadzin would be occupied by a “Mafia figure-like Catholicos Garegin II” secretly financed by a corrupted Diaspora-Armenian’s money in cooperation with with the (Armenian) criminal world.

From the first days of his reign, Garegin II the Catholicos not only broke all his promises given to his people and Armenian faithful, but he schemed a large-scale fundraising campaign in all the Diaspora’s financially well to do communities, allegedly to build stone-built temples, to “enlighten” the Armenian Apostolic Church…

Soon, however, “offshore” and “inshore” scandals became apparent starting with the participation of corrupted government officials of the Republic of Armenia and the authorities of the criminal world behind them.

From these obscure deals the public learned about the millions of dollars robbed by a millionaire – “clergyman”, known as Primate Kojoyan, of the Araratyan Diocese.

At a time when the majority of the country’s population was unable to earn their bread, turned to migration for work, a millionaire bishop drive around in a Bentley.

To silence the wrath and rebellion of the noble clergy within the Armenian Apostolic Church who are alien to the morals of Catholicos Garegin II, Garegin II began a series of “theatrical maneuvers”  by way unjustified defrocking.

At its peak Garegin II has lashed out against the Armenian spiritual leader of France, the son of the Beirut-based Armenian refugee, Norvan Arch. Zakarian, which ultimately led to the resignation of the noble clergyman, splitting the French-Armenian community of 600,000.

And recently,  the unsubstantiated defrocking of Rev-Martiros Berberian, the spiritual pastor  of St. Gevorg Church in Moscow.

Efforts have been attempted to rob the diaspora churches in Canada, Switzerland, United States and India to hand over their riches to the Armenian mafia leaders partnered with Garegin II and his cohorts.

Where is the end of all this?

We need a joint effort to put an end to the false kingdom of evil, to the destructive power of darkness, by putting on the Holy throne of Holy Etchmiadzin a truly deserving Catholicos who will save our people and Armenia from impending terrible calamities.


Moscow-Yerevan-Beirut-Paris-Geneva-Los Angeles

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