Shocking Disclosures on Garegin II’s Wife

Posted on February. 14. 2019

18:15, Thursday, January 17, 2019
The whole world knows that Garegin II is not a monk and has unlawful women and lovers. We already know one of his lover’s by photos, and we’ll still manage to get to know others. Let us now introduce one of the women of Garegin.
Lola Mikayel (Mikhailovna) Grigoryants. Born on July 24, 1962, in Karshi, Uzbekistan. She spent her young years in Leningrad, Russia, where she met with priest Garegin Nersisyan, who was deported from Germany and sheltered in the Armenian Diocese of Moscow and New Nakhijevan under the auspices of Tiran Archbishop Kyureghyan.
From Garegin or, more precisely, Ktrich and Lola’s love their daughter is born, who is honorably named after Garegin’s mother, Khatun. Lola continues her disguised marriage relationship with Garegin-Ktrich. Many of the high ranking clergymen were aware of this, but they shut their eyes and kept silent because most of them also had and now have illegitimate wives and children, which is prohibited by church and moral laws.
It turns out that Garegin-Ktrich’s wife Lola is a very beautiful, elegant and intelligent woman. In 1986 she graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute with a qualification of architect. Since 1993 she is a member of the Union of Architects of Armenia. She started her work experience from the shopping center located in Kochar Street of Yerevan. She worked in Spitak, then in Yerablur. Then, she was involved in the dark business of sale and purchase of apartments with Garegin-Ktrich and his close relatives to pursue profits.
Currently, Lola Grigoryants (passport AK 0542810, issued on 28.06.2010, by 011) is registered alone in Yerevan, Mashtots ave., Building 9, Apt. 9, and occupies the position of the director of the health company “Do not harm” LLC (taxpayer registration number is 01847238).
On October 27, 2018, the same Lola Grigoryants, in accordance with the invitation requirements and the 15, 28, 35, 36, 54 dose (doses) of the electronic auction/encoded “SGL-EACHA PDZB-18/52”/ announced by St. Gregory the Illuminator CJSC, submitted an application (application-statement) for participation. And on January 8, 2019, Lola Grigoryants, according to the invitation requirements and the 11, 46 doses (doses) of the electronic auction /encoded NTAD-EACHAPDZB-9/26e/ announced by the Ministry of Defense, submitted an application (application-statement) for another participation. In fact, the wife of businessman Catholicos Garegin II, (let’s conditionally say Vehuhi /Her Holiness/) in the business world feels her like the fish in the water.
Next time we will tell you about Catholicos’ daughter, Khatunik…
P.S. Garegin II cannot hide his genetic connection with his daughter, Khatun, because science is stronger, about which he has forgotten. There is a kind of analysis called DNA. This analysis clearly proves the genetic link between children and their parents.
But the gravest and terrifying is deceiving a whole nation and presenting himself as a monk with a cowl, especially in the status of a high-ranking spiritual leader. How long will it last…? You can deceive people, but not The Most High…

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