We persuade Garegin II TO LEGALIZE his family in the “Year of Family” declared by him and TO LEAVE Holy Ejmiatsin

Posted on February. 14. 2019


Get acquainted. This is Lola Grigoryants, the illegitimate wife of Garegin II. He made love to Lola in Leningrad when he was a priest and allegedly a pastor of the Armenian Diocese of Russia, during the tenure of Bishop Tiran Kyureghyan.

Beautiful and elegant Lola gives Ktrich (the world name of Garegin II) at least one child. In honor of her mother-in-law, Lola named her daughter Khatun as Ktrich wished. And in order to hide his genetic connection with Khatun, Garegin deprived her of the Nersisyan surname. Khatun had to bear her mother Lola’s surname. But the father’s name remained the same. Grigoryants Khatun Ktrichovna is so much like her father Garegin as if an apple cut into 2 pieces. Ktrich and Lola’s extramarital affair interrupted on October 27, 1999, for obvious reasons…

To be continued…

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