Posted on March. 9. 2019


Derderian’s actions speak louder than any statement.

It may be an exaggeration for some to repeat Victor Hugo’s famous quote — “The Turks have passed through here. Everything is in ruins and desolation,” to compare Turks’ destructiveness with Derderian’s detrimental actions against innocent and morally healthy members of clergy and leaving self-determined laity is a disgrace. Heaven knows how many good-natured priests have been demoted in favor of inserting corrupt and fake priests. One can only imagine how this negative deed can impact a person and his family causing him a magnitude of psychological destruction. Ask any clergy or a member of their family (15 to date) who were either illegitimately defrocked or forced into retirement. This impact is devastating on their lives. In time, the community will be privy as to how badly Derderian has mistreated them. For now, the editorial staff of USA Armenian Life and Hye Kiank Armenian Weekly is abstaining from revealing their identity and stories until the victims are ready to make their plight public. In the meantime, the damage and alienation of the Armenian Church continues. Young adults have left in alarming numbers. At an alarming rate long before these articles were published. Rather than make a fuss they just walked away from the Armenian Church.
Some have advised, “Don’t shame our church and community by revealing the wrongdoings of Derderian.” The Armenian mentality of “’Amot’ eh, don’t talk publicly,” in other words, push it under the rug has worked in Dederians favor. These ‘advisers’ should not block people from speaking out. It should be the other way around. Naysayers should be open to criticism and join hands to clean our church. Bad behavior should never be tolerated. How can we allow a corrupted faith-based/ community-based organization leader to continue his dirty deeds? Is it Amout to oust him out? Are Armenian people still living in the middle ages under a feudalism system?
Despite the current Ottoman leadership mentality and Soviet corruption a new generation will be able to bring fresh air back and unite our dispersed communities. This generation should be given all the support to feel empowered to demand accountability and transparency for the ultimate purpose of a healthy church and a nation. Looking forward to a fresh new era for our people.
The fact that Derderian is still performing church service on the altar is an act of desecration of the church.
(For complete details read the insert sent last week and this week.)

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