“The Derderian Triumvirate” Arch. Hovnan Derderian – Pastor Manuk Markaryan – Harout Markaryan

Posted on April. 27. 2019


Updated April 26,2019

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In 2003, Pastor Manuk Markaryan of St. John Garabed Armenian Church in Hollywood appealed to Petros Taglyan for the purchase of the long-term lease on the adjacent land next to the Church. Pastor Manuk emphasized that it was critically important for the church; that if the church “cannot buy it in 2 days, it would be a lost last opportunity.In good faith Mr. Taglyan purchased the long-term lease on the adjacent land for $300,000 and donated it to the Church. Mr. Taglyan used his home equity line of credit. This land was for a social hall that would include sufficient parking. In appreciation of Mr. Taglyan’s generous donation the church leaders decided to name it the “Taglyan Complex.”From April 2003 through May 2004, Arch. Hovnan Derderian and Pastor Manuk Markaryan were unable to raise any funds for the construction of the hall.Again, on September 16, 2004 they approached Mr. Taglyan for another donation (see image #1) saying that the church was in bad financial shape and it was unable to meet the monthly lease payments. The letter was unanswered. (See page E5)Two weeks later on September 28, 2004, Pastor Manuk Markaryan sent a 2nd appeal letter also in Armenian to Mr. Taglyan this time proposing to him 1) to oversee the construction; 2) to take over the management of Taglyan Complex after completion of construction; 3) to secure the entire loan for the construction of the hall at the rate 7% annual interest and receive the funds back from the proceeds of Taglyan Complex without any time limitation until the entire loan is paid off. (See page E5). Up to that date Mr. Taglyan had already donated nearly $1.5 to the Western Diocese.On Nov. 6, 2004, Upon personal appeal by Arch. Derderian finally Mr. Taglyan’s attorney drafted a counter-agreement reiterating Pastor Manuk Markaryan’s offer as outlined in the Sept. 28, 2004 letter. (See page E4)January 16, 2005, Arch Derderian and Western Diocese presented in English a letter using Pastor Manouk Markaryan’ s name as the signatory making a new offer and proposing Mr. Taglyan 1) to oversee the construction; 2) to take over the management of Taglyan Complex after completion of construction confirming “that the church will not have the right to intrude in any manner in the financial operations of these facilities;” 3) all of the expenses incurred will be reimbursed to you from the proceeds of the operation of the hall. You will receive an additional 7% interest annually until the complete reimbursement of the funds spent by you “receiving the funds back from the proceeds of Taglyan Complex without any time limitation until the entire loan is paid off (See page E4). In addition to presenting this letter-offer, Arch Derderian and Pastor Manuk used their façade as pious spiritual servants they personally reached out to Mr. Taglyan vying to reach their goal. Back then Arch Derderian and Pastor Manuk projected the image of holy men. Both men were new arrivals in Western U.S. and were highly anxious to show some administrative success so that their popularity-ranking improved. Wherever they went, they used Mr. Taglyan’s good name and reputation. At this time Mr. Taglyan negotiated a series of loans with his bank using his credit history guaranteeing with his signature for a number of loans totaling $15 million. His agreement with Arch Hovnan Derderian and Pastor Manuk Markaryan was that Mr. Taglyan would design a business plan that would control and guarantee the repayment of the loan. Mr. Taglyan offered: Once the loan was paid, he “would surrender the whole complex to the Church” for them to reap the benefits for perpetuity. His business plan included a catering company. Mr. Taglyan’s plan worked bringing in a healthy income paying down the loan. Everything was going as planned when suddenly under the auspices of Arch. Hovnan Derderian of the Western Diocese he unilaterally felt that they should take control of the Taglyan Complex and the catering company. In early 2019, they ended up in court over this matter. Superior Court Judge Randolph M. Hammock was assigned to this case. He carefully listened to both sides. During the court proceedings, Judge Hammock, directly asked Pastor Manuk’s son Harout Markaryan, Executive Director representing the Western Diocese: “What would the church do if a priest was caught lying?” Harout’s answer: “He would be immediately fired and defrocked.” While Harout Markaryan was making such a pronouncement he should have been well aware of the fact that his own father Pastor Manuk Markaryan was going to get caught red-handed by Judge Hammock for making gross misrepresentations to the court under oath. Pastor Manuk Markaryan was called as a witness for cross-examination. After answering several questions, Judge Hammock stated that he didn’t find Pastor Manuk a creditable witness stating, “frankly I don’t believe, Pastor Manuk at all,” and Pastor Manuk “was just covering himself and his butt.” Judge Hammock issued a verdict on April 2, 2019 in favor of Mr. Taglyan and ordered Western Diocese/St. John Armenian Church Parish Council to pay all legal fees incurred. (See court ruling p. E3 ) On March 11, 2019 an incoherent official press release was circulated in various media and posted on the Western Diocese website. (See page ?) In conclusion of the unintelligible press release it stated that, “any individual or organization wishing to obtain clarification or accurate information, may reach out to the Parish Council without any hesitation”.I immediately contacted the Diocesan Council chairman Hovsep Kanimian, Esq. by email and US Mail for a concise explanation of the hearing. To this day my email and USPO signature-required letter remain unanswered. (See page E5 for copy of letter). As of this printing I have not received a response. I have concluded that it is clear that a, “Derderian Triumvirate” exists between Arch. Hovnan Derderian, Pastor Manuk Markaryan and Harout Markaryan. They were directly involved in trying to railroad Mr. Taglyan out $15 million by undermining his business plan. This unilateral and misguided action by Western Diocese would trigger a foreclosure presenting Mr. Taglyan to come up with another plan to pay off the loan or lose his creditability with the bank. On another note, St. John Garabed Church members are frustrated with the “Derderian Triumvirate’s” conflict of interest and nepotism that Arch. Hovnan Derderian condones between Pastor Manuk Markaryan, his son Harout and older son Gevork Markaryan — all on the parish council AT THE SAME TIME. Parishioners suspect that they are running their own family business through St. John Armenian Church. I would like to suggest a certified CPA accounting firm like KPMG or Deloitte to audit the Church to dispel any questions.Chairman of the Diocesan Council Joseph Kanimian, Esq. has a fiduciary duty to ensure proper management of Diocesan affairs. At best he should have known about the conflict of interest. At the very least ensured the appointment of qualified individuals to serve as Arch. Hovnan Derderian’ s right hand man and official spokesperson of the Western Diocese rather than the “Derderian Triumvirate” to testify in court representing the diocese. Why didn’t the top two leaders of the Diocesan Council Joseph Kanimian, Esq. and Adrienne Krikorian, Esq. warn “The Derderian Triumvirate” they didn’t have a chance in court because of the contract? What about the statement to the judge under oath of Harout Markaryan “What would the church do if a priest was caught lying?” his answer, “He would be immediately fired and defrocked”? Is Pastor Manuk Markaryan still serving as a priest for the Western Diocese?How did Diocesan chairman Joseph Kanimian, Esq. allow the situation get out of hand? How did the remaining members of Diocesan Council allow this to happen?DIOCESAN COUNCIL 2018-19

Mr. Joseph Kanimian,
Esq. Vice-Chair.,
Hon. Adrienne Krikorian,
Esq. Treasurer,
Mr. Yuriy Akopyan Sec.,
Ms. Sandra Kazanjian Gostanian
Very Rev. Fr. Sasoon Zumrookhdian
Pastor Manuk Markaryan
Rev. Fr. Khajag Shahbazyan
Rev. Fr. Serovpe AlanjianVery
Rev. Fr. Pakrad Berjekian
Mr. Ara Der Sarkissian
Mr. Marty Dakessian,
Esq. Mrs. Pamela Abaci
Mr. Barkev Hamalian
Mr. Rafi Hagopian
Mr. Vahe Skenderian

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