Adrienne Krikorian and New Diocesan Council: Will The New Leaders Bring Law and Order to Western Diocese?

Posted on May. 12. 2019


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The 92nd Diocesan Assembly of Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America was held last week in Palm Springs, CA. There are many indications that Adrienne Krikorian, Esq. Vice-Chair of Western Diocesan Council may succeed the outgoing Chair Joseph Kanimian, Esq.
If Ms. Krikorian does indeed take the helm at Diocesan Council, the supreme governing body of Western Diocese, will she clean up house or she’ll continue maintaining the modus operandi – “Speak NO evil; Hear NO evil; See No evil?”
Under the past chairman of Diocesan Council Attorney Kanimian, Arch. Hovnan Derderian committed a series of misdeeds. In many instances, he crossed the boundaries of his spiritual authority intruding upon the popularly mandated authority of Diocesan Council as a whole and especially the Chairman Kanimian and Vice-Chair Krikorian.
In late April, Armenian Church Reform movement stated on the cover of The Armenian Church Reform Magazine volume 4: “Now is the time to hold Hovnan Derderian and Diocesan Council Chairman Hovsep Kanimian, Esq. accountable. The Church exists because of the people, not vice versa. The fact that Hovnan Derderian is corrupted is not a big debate. What’s urgently needed the parishioners – like you and me – to continue to come forward and expose the abuses they commit to the Church they serve. Traditionally the Armenian Church has maintained a democratic structure where the primate solely serves as a spiritual leader, whereas the Diocesan Council Chairman receives mandates from the laypeople and the ultimate authority to oversee the proper management and accountability with transparency. Once you are baptized into the Armenian Church these become your democratic birthright. Let’s further develop the Church reform conversation as informed citizens with courage to speak out and lead the way. The time is now.”
Popular questions that deserve answers:
QUESTION: Does the Armenian Church Reform movement in Western United States have clear or coherent recommendations to improve the situation for the Church and community to move forward? 
ANSWER: We must bring back the rule of law, uphold the by-laws of Western Diocese of Armenian Church North America and implement diocese and parish rules and regulations to ensure heightened transparency and accountability, specifically as they relate to Church finances and elections. We must hold the church hierarchy accountable; we must remind them that the Church exists because of the people, and not vice versa;
QUESTION: Will the new Diocesan Council and its presumed leader Adrienne Krikorian exercise true leadership and carry out their fiduciary duties as the governing body of the diocese ushering in a new era?
ANSWER: Time will tell.
QUESTION: Are our Armenian communities who have fought so hard to exist (particularly since the Genocide) ready to stand up against corrupted leaders of a centuries -old Church, the one institution we have held above all others? 
ANSWER: Our first step is to acknowledge that our beloved church has become entangled in corruption and abuse, the time for action is now. “Arch. Hovnan Derderian has to gracefully step down. Please join this movement. We value your privacy. Email: or call 310.773.7870. BY NOT SPEAKING UP YOU BECOME PART OF THE DECEPTION,” concludes a recent article by Armenian Church Reform movement in ACR Magazine.

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