State Of Denial: Play about Armenian Genocide to have US debut in June

Posted on May. 25. 2019

Bay Area Drama Company will stage State of Denial, a play set against the backdrop of the Armenian Genocide, Asbarez reports.

The performance will take place at Sunnyvale Theater from June 7 to 15. Each performance will be followed by a TalkBack with the playwright, Rahul Varma.

Odette, a Rwandan-Canadian filmmaker, travels to Turkey to investigate stories of genocide for an upcoming film. When she interviews Sahana, an elderly Muslim woman who has spent her life assisting survivors of the Armenian Genocide, she learns a devastating secret that she resolves to share with the world at any cost, even if it means revealing her own shocking secret.

Rahul Varma’s State of Denial reminds that the scourge of genocide—from Turkey to Rwanda—has not yet lifted from the world. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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