Making a mockery of bylaws of Armenian Church and manipulating elections: We should not be sweeping the dirt under the rug

Posted on June. 2. 2019

BY Jerry Aznavourian

part II
May 29, 2019

I do not feel good about exposing dirt. But I know it is my duty as an Armenian to do so when the individuals running our Church are making a mockery of bylaws and manipulating elections. We should not be sweeping the dirt under the rug.
This evening I got a call from another delegate who attended the Ottawa assembly. He confirmed that the two Vartabeds that were sent, were Abgar Serpazan’s class mates at the seminary. In Ottawa there was a festive atmosphere among the 3, totally lacking seriousness of an election process. On cue, the Vartabeds withdrew their names, leaving many delegates stunned. This is not how our Church should be run.
If they are truly hokevoragans and servants of God and their flocks, they cannot be resorting to manipulation of elections.
You indeed remember, how Pakrad Serpazan was defeated. Echmiadzin had sent 2 lesser clergy, and yet the delegates proceeded to elect one of them and rejected the Serpazan. This time around Echmiadzin made sure there were no unintended outcomes. They again sent 2 lesser clergy but instructed them to withdraw their candidacies before any voting took place.
If you truly cared for the well-being of the Church, such shenanigans should not be acceptable to you.
Because of such shenanigans, the membership is dwindling and donations are being withheld. People are not stupid or blind sheep.

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