MERUZHAN HARTENYAN ASSASSINATED International Money Launderer – Drug Trafficker Diocesan Council Chair Handpicked by Kareken II

Posted on June. 15. 2019


By a Member of Armenian Church Reform Movement, Armenia Chapter


Friday June 13, 2019


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Editor’s note: Karekin II and his fellow clansmen Arch. Yezras Nesisyan of Russia Diocese, Arch. Hovnan Derderian of USA Western Diocese lost a major collaborator Meruzhan Hartenyan. For several years, Hartenyan has been involved in international money laundering and drug trafficking. Hartenyan has been a close associate of the Karekin II clan and its worldwide network. He was promoted by Karekin II and appointed as a member of Diocesan Council of Armenian Church in Greece. Most recently he had become chairman of Diocesan Council. Hartenyan has also been closely associated with self-proclaimed Vicar-General of the Istanbul Patriarchate Arch. Aram Ateshian. Ateshian is an agent of Turkish government, a close ally of Turkish Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and an active collaborator of international terrorist organization Turkish Grey Wolves. Arch. Ateshian and Arch. Hovnan Derderian have been close collaborators on anti-Armenian infamous Turkish Protocols.
The Greek press widely covered the June 5 assassination of Meruzhan Hartenyan, the chairman of the Etchmiadzin Diocese in Greece.
Translation: By N.K.
Athens, Greece (Combined Sources) – On June 5, at 1:00 AM in the Ano-Glyada district of Athens, 41-year-old Meruzhan Hartenyan was killed by two unknown people at his underground parking lot, who was a member of the Etchmiadzin Diocesan Council in Greece. Recently he became Diocesan Council Chairman. All Greek TV channels, print and online magazines have been widely covering the murder extensively. The local Armenian community was deeply shocked by these details.

Translation of various coverage of Greek TV news, print media and websites.:
• The website of the Ánt1 channel writes about the murder of: “Meruzhan Hartenian (a appointed member of the Diocesan Council of the Armenian Church of Greece by Karekin 11) was killed as a result of a liquidation of the mafia group, “Sal”/” Oil”. Hartenian was involved in money laundering and drug trafficking. (
Greek-language Vima newspaper has the following to say about the murder: The 41-year old Armenian, who was killed in the Ano-Glyfada district of Athens, is a close associate “Sal” (Oil), a well-known Russian criminal who is imprisoned in Greece. Greek authorities have convicted Sal for drug trafficking and numerous murders.
They have been transporting more than 160 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia to Greece in banana boxes through a group of Russian, Georgian and Albanian nationals. (
• The Greek Service of the American CNN writes: “the murder is a result of liquidation of various mafia members”. The murder was carried through with two different guns – a 7.65mm and 9mm. CNN notes that the murder is under police interrogations. “(
• The Greek “” magazine writes that a former wrestler-turned importer of about 160 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia was in close contact with the Armenian Church in Greece. Meruzhan Hartenian 41-years-old had two children. (
• “iefimerida” In October 2013, the newspaper writes: thanks to the joint efforts of the Greek Police and the American DEA, 120 kilos of cocaine from Ecuador were discovered in Thessaloniki. As a result 16 people were arrested due to their involvement in the crime, headed by a 45-year-old Greek-descent Georgian. Albanian, Venezuelan, Ukrainian, Greek and Armenian individuals were part of the group. The 41-year-old Meruzhan Hartenyan was part of the gang. (
• “Ta Nea” a well-known Greek newspaper has used the following title for the murder: “The Shocking Murder of 41-year-old Armenian shows up in the 2013 interrogation file, the investment in Castoria and its relations with the Armenian Church in Athens.”
The newspaper continues to write: “At midnight, Meruzhan Hartenian a 41-year-old Armenian was killed by two unknown individuals in the underground car parking of his home in Karaiskaki Square in Glyfada. According to the police, the assailants opened fire when the victim stopped his car and tried to get off. The 41-year-old former wrestler, father of two children had ties with the Armenian Church. In 2013, he was accused of “money laundering” along with a large amount (nearly 160 kilograms) of cocaine smuggled from Colombia. In 2015 he was found guilty of drug trafficking in Greece along with 100 defendants from Russia, Georgia, Albania, and many Greeks. (
• The Protothema Greek website, referring to the murder of rival gangs, presents details on the circumstances of the 2015 arrest, saying: “The investigation began in 2015 as a result of the drug trafficking monitoring when the contaminated container was found at the Thessaloniki Container Freight Terminal, which contained 108 packages each containing 1.1 kg of cocaine totaling 120 kilograms.” (

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