“Save Ararat Home From Arch. Derderian”

Posted on June. 29. 2019


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Mission Hills, CA (June 23, 2019) — A silent protest took place this Sunday at the Ararat Home of Los Angeles. We spoke with Appo Jabarian of USA Armenian Life Magazine about the situation.
Appo Jabarian stated: “I was alerted about today’s action by Ararat Home supporters. Many readers of this week’s USA Armenian Life are aware of the breaking news of my article. Note: members of the Ararat Home of Los Angeles have been alerting me about their concerns of a possible takeover by Western Diocese Arch. Hovnan Derderian and his proxies.
Jabarian continued: “According to many Ararat Home insiders, a few of Derderian’s proxies from the Western Diocese have already been elected to The Ararat Home Board of Trustees while Arch. Derderian’s main ally Joseph Kanimian, Esq. has been re-elected as chairman of Ararat Home Board of Trustees. What compelled the supporters of Ararat Home was to reach out to me as I have been investigating various misdeeds of Arch. Derderian and Joseph Kanimian, Esq.
Kanimian is considered an insider of Arch. Hovnan Derderian’s inner circle at the Western Diocese. It was brought to my attention that they tried to convince the Ararat Home Board of Trustees to build an assisted-living facility on the Western Diocese vacant land in Del Mar, California. The proposed facility would be similar to a recent new addition here at Ararat Home of Los Angeles main campus. At the time of the Arch. Derderian’s and Kanimian’s proposal, Kanimian was Chairman of the Diocesan Council of the Western Diocese while he was also an active member of Ararat Home Board of Trustees. A blatant conflict of interest?
A number of Board of Trustees members objected to this idea and it was voted down. Recently Joseph Kanimian, Esq. just termed out as Chairman of the Diocese Council and now occupies the chairmanship position at Ararat Home.
Jabarian added: “Those who opposed the project made it clear that they will continue objecting to the multi-million-dollar proposal. As I was told, Ararat Home decided that they wouldn’t want to build any facility or any structure for some other organization on someone else’s land. They said that ‘it doesn’t make sense.’ I asked them: ‘What other purpose are you pursuing as concerned supporters of Ararat Home?’ Their objectives are outlined right here in this flier (see this page) that I was given by the supporters: No. 1) to Alert the general membership of Ararat Home and the public of a possible takeover of Ararat Home by Derderian’s proxies of Western Diocese; No. 2) Subsequent massive misappropriation of Ararat Home funds by individuals with questionable motives; No. 3) most of all to Foster vigilance in protecting Ararat Home’s independence. Ararat home is designed to be a non-denominational, non-partisan organization; and No. 4) Alert the community to continue to maintain Ararat Home’s financial health.”
Managing Editor of USA Armenian Life Jabarian elaborated: “Ararat Home was designed to be a totally independent organization and to not have any favoritism to any segment of the community. Ararat Home has become the jewel of the Armenian American community in Southern California and many want to keep it that way. The community at large is concerned about any dealings that would undermine its independence. They want to make sure that Ararat Home remains independent.”
Various members of the community have just alerted me that a few days ago Arch. Derderian of Western Diocese had invited a number of residents of the Ararat Home assisted-living facilities for lunch at the Western Diocese. As noted, pictures on the Western Diocese press release show Arch. Der-derian giving presentation of their future plans for expansion. Today’s silent protest with signs “Save Ararat Home from Arch. Derderian” is to alert the community of their concerns as to Why is Derderian wining and dining Ararat Home elderly? They are also concerned about the possible covert attempt on the part of the proxies of Western Diocese Arch. Der-derian, to convince many of the elderly to sign away their family trust in favor of the Western Diocese or Arch. Derderian himself”.
In closing Jabarian stated: “I’d like to commend highly principled and courageous members of the Board of Trustees of Ararat Home of Los Angeles for carrying out their fiduciary duty and allegiance as well as their loyalty to the Ararat Home; showing high integrity and courage not be swayed by outside forces — in this instance, Arch. Hovnan Derderian and his main proxy Kanimian, Esq. of the Western Diocese.”
(COMING SOON: A special report on Arch. Derderian’s modus operandi to lure unsuspecting benefactors and organizations like Ararat Home into business deals intended to ultimately deceive and defraud them).

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