Gomez: I wanted to visit the memorial complex and honor the Genocide victims

Posted on July. 21. 2019

Former Portugal striker Nuno Gomes has arrived to Armenia for a two-day visit at the invitation of Feed Constracut.

The former player has visited Tsitsernakaberd, the Armenian Genocide memorial and museum, and paid tribute to the victims of the Genocide.

He has talked to the press as well, telling about the goal and the agenda of his visit.

It’s great to be here, I’m in Yerevan at friends’ invitation and I’m going to cooperate with their company.

The U19 Euro is underway. I will go to a few games to watch some good football.

This isn’t my first visit to Armenia. I played against the Armenian team in 2007 here. I don’t know much about the country, but I like it here. Armenians are nice, hospitable and friendly people. I think our cultures have similarities.

Armenia is developing, the government is attentive to sport. Football here is progressing and you have quite a few talented young players, which is very important for the national team.

A great view of the city opens from the memorial, which seemed symbolic to me. I wanted to go there, because it’s important to respect the values of the country. You have to visit the museum and learn what happened. I paid my tribute to the memory of the victims.

I’m going to get acquainted with the city and later, in the evening, watch the Spain vs. Portugal and Armenia vs. Italy games. 

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