Posted on August. 2. 2019

  • Expressively performing Your Journalistic Duty: A Breath of Hope That Others May Stand Up, Take Action Upon
    Dear Mr. Jabarian,
    I congratulate you for standing up for what’s right and calling a wrong wrong.
    Our people have gotten used to being told what to do for a long time, they’ve become numb to the sad realities surrounding them when it doesn’t affect them directly, your duty which you have been expressively performing is a breath of hope that others may stand up, speak up without fear, debate, discuss and take action upon.
    This also is a test to you to see if you are willing and able to represent your people, a test of integrity which you have to and I’m sure you will pass.
    Our Primate is not only power hungry, he’s also greedy and materialistic to his core, he might have started with all the true intentions and beliefs but the constant ask for more and more money from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin has corrupted him to become the man he is now, he continues building and acquiring without thinking of his peoples’ needs and asks.
    We cannot only blame him for this, his leadership in Etchmiadzin, his Parish Council members and close circle he has made an entourage of who benefit from the yearly medal bearing Gontag reading Primate bestowing them with gifts in return for their loyalty and support of each and every project and program he invents to undermine the community establishments and institutions within his realm.
    He is truly a businessman, in that world he would be considered a success, his social skills and fundraising abilities are impeccable but to what end and what purpose, he does not serve the people he’s responsible for, he is not reachable to the people who need him most, he’s a man of business accessible only to the elitists he surrounds himself with, more on that in the near future.
    Meanwhile thank you again for standing up and offering people an insight into the true nature of our Primate.
    Noubar Boghossian
    Via email

  • As a member of the Diaspora Armenian community, I would like to state my opinion on the recent death threats made to Mr. Appo Jabarian for having published news about the Armenian church being in crisis.
    To try to muzzle the press is tantamount to attempting to keep the community in ignorance of what is happening to relevant people, places and events in their local and international environments. The threats against a journalist/columnist, such as Mr. Appo Jabarian, for publishing the news of great concern to the community are primitive, undemocratic, and downright so pre-cave-dweller mentality. In the 21st century, the pen is accepted as being sharper than the sword.
    Instead of resorting to acts of violence, it would be very civilized to resort to rebuttal if one is innocent of any wrongdoings. We should remember that remaining silent or not defending one’s innocence in acceptable ways would betray one of being guilty as charged. So, it is counterproductive, from our Diaspora’s point of view, to harass or intimidate a decent member of our community who has tirelessly worked as an activist as well to protect the rights and interests of the Armenian community so long and so diligently. He happens to be one of those rare Armenians who put Armenia first before any personal gains. Don’t you agree, Armenia needs more of the caliber of Mr. Appo Jabarian, and less of his woefully ungrateful detractors? I do –beyond a shadow of a doubt!
    Z. S. Andrew Demirdjian, Ph.D.
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • What can We, The People, do to get rid of this monster heading the Armenian Church?

Dear Editor:

I have been reading your articles regarding the corruption in the Armenian Church and commend you for having the courage to bring this out in the open. I for one had heard about these accusations but didn’t know all those details that you mentioned in your articles. What can we, the people, do to get rid of this monster heading the Armenian Church? Please advise and you have my support. Be safe, and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help?
John A. Keusseyan
Lt. Col. USAF (Retired)

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