Armenia Should Be Favorable Place For Young Talents, Says President

Posted on August. 9. 2019 of Armenia Armen Sarkissian joined the participants of the Sevan Startup Summit 2019 via skype in the evening of August 1, talked to them, was interested in the process of the Summit and answered to their questions, the President’s Office reports.
“This is a wonderful initiative, and I want to thank all those who started this. I think this initiative will have a great success. It’s especially important for Armenia because Armenia, as I see it in the future, should have a strong presence in the field of high and new technologies and be a startup country. Maybe, one day we will have a chance to declare Armenia the capital of the world’s startup”, the President said. “Startup is one of the institutes that unites this youth which is great, and this is the most important”.
Talking about the further development prospects and conditions of startups, the Armenian President first of all highlighted the high-quality education. “In order to include Armenia in the list of the leading countries several conditions are needed, and one of them is the high quality of education. High-quality education for all, starting from the center of Yerevan up to bordering villages. The main mission of each teacher is to find talents, and startup will help us to find talents”, he said.
The next key factor, according to the President, is the presence of leading international companies in Armenia which will create an environment for the development of startups. “We cannot create only a startup or good ideas if we do not have science and new technology infrastructures. That’s why we are working with a number of major companies, such as IBM, Google, Leonardo, to ensure their presence in Armenia. If major international companies operate in Armenia, they will give a special development quality”, the President said.
The next important factor is the mutual connection with the world. “We are naturally connected with the world as Armenians live everywhere. Many talented Armenians work in California, the Silicon Valley”, he noted. “Therefore, it’s important to create a hub between all and not only between Armenians. The 21st century will belong to those young people who have an ambition and courage to give a challenge and present their new ideas”.
President Sarkissian said Armenia should be a favorable place for young talents. “Young talents always search for a respective environment, and that environment is the technological space of the 21st century. Thus, Armenia must have this kind of space”, he said.
The President also expressed readiness to assist the Summit. “I am with you, I am the member of your startup community, ready to help you, create a new path to work with the new generation. You are young, everything is ahead, but the world is moving on quite rapidly. Therefore, you also need to be very fast”.
The Sevan Startup Summit is attended by 120 startup teams from Armenia and 45 countries, as well as over 1000 entrepreneurs from the whole world. The Summit aims at promoting innovative ideas, as well as establishing communication between the business representatives.

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