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ARTN TV’S interviews Appo Jabarian on Arch. Derderian «Corruption in Western Diocese
Mr. Appo Jabarian… you are a brave« honest Armenian ©©continue … I wish every Armenian is like you …
sylva portoian
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Investigative Reporting of the Corruption at Arch. Derderian’s Western Diocese has created a Avalanche of Letters.
Basic problem:Prelate is designated by top Not Chosen by Delegates. If unacceptable is crazy Glued- if not removed, against protests, for Specific Purpose(s): several examples exist. Unique solution: Accept Removable Candidate ONLY by election , monthly accountable checking Obligatory with respectable firm.
S. Dermelkonian
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Revenge Sweet Revenge
I am proud to see that believers in our national history want to defend it in honor, cradle of the chretiente (Christianity). We must bring these sheep home by reason and not by vengeance. If they do not understand and remains harmful to our fundamental history then we must exclude them not only from the Church but from the Nation that has given so much for faith. They are not pastors but unworthy sheep.
Ardachece Barseghian
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These infighting is not unifying a nation of some few. Enough is enough we all have heard it. Go to church and vote them out don’t just sit on the sidelines.
Azad Mesrobian
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The Empire of Etchmiadzin: Reform or Regress
Prof. Demirdjian thank you for your comprehensive & balanced article “Empire of Echmiazin”. Truly it is a focused & visionary approach to restore the Armenian Church to it’s old Glory. I hope and pray that it will not fall on deaf ears. Thank you.
Steve Tashjian
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Hovnan Derderian has also ruined life of our beloved Der Hair Datev Tatoulian of San Diego, CA who served our community for over 35 years faithfully. Mr. Derderian organized and conspired, through his intermediaries, to have Rev.Fr. Datev Tatoulian removed from St.Jhon Garabed Armenian church. As result of archbishop’s actions, our San Diego Armenian community remains “poisoned”, divided and heartbroken. I think, Derderian has also altered the by-laws, so that he cannot be thrown by the popular vote of delegates of the general assembly. I am ashamed to have him as our spiritual leader!
Sergey Avtandilyan
San Diego, CA, USA
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From the moment I met Derderian, I knew he was a scoundrel. He surely is a smooth talker, but does not walk the walk. It’s truly sad what happened to Fr. Galstanian (Former Primate of Canda Diocese–Editor). Are the Derderian’s of the Diocese the only way for it to survive and thrive in our secular society? Or are they just crooks lining their and their cronies pockets while putting on a show? I think the latter.
Thanks for this information. I hope all North American Armenians read your facts
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It is A DISGRACE and SHAME for us Armenians having a religious figure upon whom we look for spiritual aid and advice. He has no place in the Armenian Church or any Church for that matter. He should be removed immediately from his post. He should not be allowed to set foot in a Holy place, as our Churches are to us.
Sarkis Daglian
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Paralyzed by Protocol
Very well and plainly expressed Stephan! Our church has very little presence in daily life in the Diaspora. In order to survive it must reach out constantly to connect with the average person and offer succor and peace in these hectic times we all live in. I so enjoyed the English language podcasts from one young priest here explaining some of our traditional rituals. They were on Facebook, and he is a very personable fellow. They were enjoyable, informative and short, perfect for the time! If more of this sort of outreach occurs, it takes away the mythical realm of the Armenian church and becomes a real part of our lives. We would then be more willing to participate in keeping the vitality of our church and culture alive, instead of regulating the Diocese to a closed club that the average Armen has no idea about the function or purpose. This disconnect is the downfall of many institutions, but to repair the rift, bridges must be built and repaired! Thank you!
Diane Thomson Mkitarian
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Arch. Hovnan Derderian’s, Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan’s Property-Grab Attempts Rejected By Armenian Community in Switzerland
Hovnan Derderian was the parish priest in Toronto before going to Los Angeles. To say the foxy and transparently ingratiating clergyman didn’t impress me is an understatement. Beware: he has ambitions to become catholicos. You want Karekin II to resign: a Hovnan succession would be like “anstreven pakhank, gargoudi hantibetsank,” (“We escaped from rain but got stuck with hail.”)
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