FIDE is investigating Gevorgyan’s removal from tournament in Turkey

Posted on August. 30. 2019

Head of the Standing Committee on science, education, culture, Diaspora, youth and sport affairs of Armenia Mkhitar Hayrapetyan has made that announcement on his Facebook page.

“I am glad to see that FIDE’s statement touched on the mission and principles of sport as well,” he noted.

Race, religion, ethnicity or nationality-based discrimination is not only against FIDE policy, it is also against the main principles of sport, the organization said in a statement, adding:

“FIDE is guided by the “We are one family” motto. We will not tolerate [the treatment of Maria Gevorgyan]. If the investigation reveals that the player’s rights were violated or she was removed from an international tournament because of her nationality, we will apply the strictest measures in accordance with FIDE regulations.”

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