Vardan Minasyan: We did a good job in our 1st year in Europa League

Posted on August. 31. 2019

The second leg of Europa League play-off clash between Ararat-Armenia and Dudelange was a tense game.

Converted and missed penalties, extra time, struggle and the resolve to fight until the end: the match had it all.

Vardan Minasyan’s men were close to a very important achievement, but one goal decided everything. After the game, Ararat-Armenia’s head coach told the press he thanked his player in the dressing room and assured them of his support.

I congratulate Dudelange on their win. If you look at the journey we have made so far, from where we were to where we are now, you can we did a good job.

The boys played well. You never know how a penalty shoot-out will end, and this time our opponents were luckier. I don’t really like that we lost that way.

This is the first time I assess our participation in Europa League positively. We saw what the team can do, which aspects of our game we need to strengthen, which players do better in the competition and comply with the standards for playing in Europe.

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