Celebrating Iconic Armenian Singing Artist Adiss Harmandian’s Life Full of Great Memories

Posted on September. 6. 2019

Santa Monica, CA – World renowned armenian singer Adiss Harmandian passed away on Sunday, Sept 1, in Santa Monica.
Harmandian, a Lebanese-Armenian, born to Armenian Genocide survivors on January 14, 1945 in Beirut, began his career as a singer in the 1960s. His first single, Dzaghigner, became popular among Armenians in Lebanon, Armenia and throughout Diaspora.
A pioneer of the pop and romantic Armenian music, Harmandian introduced groundbreaking songs such as “Nouné,” “Karoun Karoun,” “Saylort’” and many others. Adiss became influential in the re-establishment of the Armenian identity in Diaspora.
Adiss’ lifetime achievements stand out when in 1960’s-1970’s he helped newly formed Armenians of Diasporan centers that were mostly populated by orphaned survivors of the Armenian Genocide — many forcibly Turkish-spoken, eradicate the usage of Turkish language and listening to Turkish songs by introducing new genre of Armenian pop and love songs. Several generations grew up listening to numerous memorable songs by Adiss Harmandian.
He released more than 30 albums and around 400 songs throughout his career and had received numerous awards, from Armenian Catholicoi, international entities and the Republic of Armenia.
He is widely accepted as a legendary singer/songwriter.
With a career spanning half a century, Adiss Harmandian was cherished as an iconic singing artist.
The editorial staff and the readers of USA Armenian Life Magazine and Hye Kiank Armenian Weekly, convey their deepest condolences to his children, extended family, colleagues, and friends.
He had been battling cancer for 15 years. He was 74.
The funeral service will take place on Saturday, September 7, at 3:00 p.m., at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Hall of Liberty.
May his soul rest in peace and his memory remain ever blessed and his Pathway to Eternity be forever illuminated!
While Armenians are saddened by his passing, they’re also rightfully entitled to celebrate his life full of great memories.
Appo Jabarian

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