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Self-Appointed Armenian ‘Community Leadership’ vs. Elected Leadership
Appo Jan,
Ge Pave, chap’e antsoutsir…
You’re a respected Journalist and you should know your limits of criticism, specially of your own people.
Your ‘statistic’ of this and that memberships are only of interest and benefit to our enemies…
I think you should be content with the same criticism as made by Mr. Sassounian that ‘the name of the new PAC should have been ‘Coalition of Armenian Organisations of Western USA’ – Period.
Yours sincerely,
Haig Vartanian – London UK
Via armenianlife.com

RESPONSE BY Appo Jabarian, Publisher/Editor, USA Armenian Life Magazine:
Haig jan,
I am disappointed that a progressive friend like you is saying “Ge Pave…” (“Enough!””)
The oligarchs are the ones who “chap’e antsoutseen!” (“they went overboard” in their pursuit of perpetual organizational power in their own corrupted ways.
If they can’t help their people build a better future, they should at least have the decency to step aside and stop sabotaging their own people by undermining their people’s common future for their narrow personal interests at the expense of the wider Armenian Diaspora, and the nation.
I am saddened to say that our enemies know the exact number of members in each and every organization far better than most of us, Armenians. They are also keenly aware about the fact that most of our major organizations are hijacked by oligarchs from within and that they’re no more than paper tigers. Ask ANCA-Western Region Chairperson-dictator Nora Hovsepian (Vicken Hovsepian’s spouse) who has already been to Turkey. Why did she go to Turkey? See? I am not against individual Armenians going to Turkey for a variety of personal reasons. But when an Armenian is a leader of an organization that is supposed to be pursuing The Armenian Cause and allows himself or herself to travel to our archenemy country Turkey, he/she should come clean and in a transparent way reveal the reasons why he/she has travelled to Turkey. When Ms. Hovsepian travelled to Turkey, do you know if she didn’t divulge any critical information regarding the American Armenian Diaspora?
The leaking of the exact membership statistics that you’re rightfully concerned about, I am saddened that not only they have already been passed on to our enemies by our enemies from within, they are being misconstrued to hijack “community leadership.” We, as people of the Armenian Diaspora need to re-invent ourselves. No more run-around by party or organizational oligarchy!!! We, The People, the able and willing, need to move on and jointly built a better future for our today’s and coming generations.
Best regards,
Appo Jabarian
Thank you Mr. Jabarian for your truthful and have-to-be-told article. We support you entirely. We have to wake up and act.
Gabe Korajian
Via Facebook
If there is a real need for a concentration of organizational power, Roman dictatorship, to achieve the purpose of deliverance of the people from the ongoing Ottoman yoke and Young Turk dictatorship, and achieve the creation of the Republic, which allowed to build communities of survival, I am in agreement.
Today these surviving communities, these families have both integrated and defended their culture, their history, their demands, thanks to women and men of conviction, activists, intellectuals, scientists, and artists.
Now we must get out of this political necessity in Diaspora, we must get rid of autocracy, nepotism and other vices, to open the doors for intelligence; to break away from various unfounded fears; to put into practice the democratic principles with elections and put an end to the principle of internal, self-designation of cronies, the first of the mafia system.
You are leading a beautiful, constructive, dignified fight, in favor of the sole interest of Armenia and Diaspora, which has become free by grace and miracle of history, discovering the road to democracy with the help of a free diaspora from its fears and bad practices. self-destructiveness.
Ardachece Barseghian
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The Roar of the Silent Majority
When we are lucky enough to have activist intellectuals like YOU, Prof. Andrew Demirdjian, concerned with the rule, the principle, the fatherland then I want to roar with you because the situation is serious.
It is a matter of public salvation because this oligarchy must recognize our people’s internal revolution. We must get rid of the filth that tarnishes our holy sites, our people, our history, while we have a diaspora whose families have that have shown that they’re worthy and honorable in ALL circumstances, transmitting to us these values that distinguish us as toiling, loyal, respectful people to others, and consider ourselves as being defenders of our value system. So, gentlemen, I want to be your friend and wash the dirty laundry in broad daylight because these villains of the nation feed on the silence and shadow of darkness. I love you and would like to assist with my full capacity.
Ardachece Barseghian
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“‘Pan Armenian Council of Western USA’ Or Council of Armenian Organizations?”
I don’t believe in coalition of Armenian organisations (sorry, in English English rather than in American English)because a similar organisation (that Harout Sassounian is familiar with) has shown its inefficiency is France. In France since the creation of such coalition, the Armenians have never obtained any political success. The recognition of the Armenian Genocide by European Union (1987) and of France (2001) was with the efforts of ANC France. Secondly I don’t believe in it, because it is impossible to have democratic (one man one vote) elections, for the simple reason, diaspora is not a country with citizens. Who will have the right to vote? Who will have the right to be elected? Impossible to define the voters and candidates.
Jirair Momjian
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RESPONSE BY Harut Sassounian
Dear Jirair,
It is easy to say that elections in the Diaspora are impossible to organize and do nothing. With that kind of mentality Armenians will not get anywhere. Secondly, if democratic elections were easy to organize, it would have been done long time ago. May I suggest that you wait patiently a little longer and you will see all the answers to your questions as to who will have the right to vote and the right to be elected.

Best regards,
Harut Sassounian

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