How Armenian Americans in Michigan, Other Battleground States Voted Overwhelmingly Against Clinton, For Donald Trump Trump’s Hidden Votes In Wayne County, Michigan: An Untold Story

Posted on September. 24. 2019

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During the U.S. Presidential campaign season, several Armenian American political organizations and political commentators abstained from supporting either candidate for a variety of reasons.
However the author of this article begged to differ. He took a stand unequivocally endorsing Donald J. Trump not after the election, but before the election!
Several leading members and supporters of the Trump campaign were pleased to learn that the October 28 USA Armenian Life Magazine endorsement article, titled “The Choice Is Clear: Trump For President,” was massively circulated in several battleground states.
This author’s Trump endorsement article appeared in dozens of online and print publications nationwide and worldwide.
Disseminated through print and electronic versions, the article gathered an unprecedented size of audience numbering hundreds of thousands of readers.
The editorial telephone, email and voicemail inbox as well as social media pages of USA Armenian Life Magazine were inundated with overwhelmingly positive reactions and comments.
The pre-election special edition (issue #1544), dated October 28, physically appeared on October 25 and was circulated to widest ever readership audience especially targeting tens of thousands Armenian American voters in crucial battleground states.
The successful realization of that task was made possible through the timely participation of longtime USA Armenian Life Magazine supporters who stepped forward to support the massive outreach to several Armenian American communities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Florida and other pivotal states.
The supporters: Mike M. Sarian (Los Angeles/Malibu, CA), Michael Kazanjian (Beverly Hills, CA), George Dadanian, Paris Designs (Los Angeles, CA), Hon. Dennis P. Zine, Los Angeles City Councilman (Ret.) (Los Angeles, CA), Antoine Breidy, Official Middle East Foreign Policy Advisor to Cong. Duncan Hunter (R- CA) (San Diego, CA), Elka Reider (Laguna Beach, CA), Gene Nalbandian (Laguna Beach, CA), George Khorozian (Fort Lee, NJ), Hrand Simonian (Los Angeles, CA), K. H. Curi (San Francisco, CA), Diana Moskofian (Los Angeles, CA), Maurice Soudjian (Los Angeles, CA), Vasken Khorozian (Edgewater, NJ), Zareh and Genie Berberian (Glendale, CA), and Alex Dadourian (Los Angeles, CA).
This latest political endeavor has potentially impacted the presidential election in its own way. Thousands of Armenian American voters were encouraged to vote in favor of Trump.
In the Greater Detroit area, where there is a sizable Armenian American community, Hilary Clinton underperformed President Obama in Wayne County.
According to, as of Nov. 16, the final result tallies showed that Hilary Clinton received 518,879 votes or 66.34% vs. President Obama’s 595,846 votes or 72.83 % in 2012 presidential election against Mitt Romney.
Clinton’s vote hemorrhage amounted to a net loss of 76,967 votes.
Conversely, thanks to ‘other’ hidden voting blocs consisted of Armenian Americans, Lebanese-Americans as well as Syrian Americans in Wayne County, Trump outperformed Romney.
In 2012, Romney received 213,814 votes or 26.13%. Whereas in 2016, Trump received 228,961 or 29.27% and that makes it clear that — in large part, Trump’s narrow win in Michigan has come from Wayne County where Armenian Americans along with other Americans of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descant helped Trump chip away at Hilary Clinton’s traditionally democratic support base.
In comparison to votes received by Romney in 2012, Trump’s net gain in 2016 amounted to 15,147.
In my opinion, abstention from getting actively involved in a presidential race or any race is counterproductive.
By taking such a stance, Armenian American organizations and commentators can only isolate themselves rendering themselves irrelevant in national politics.
Even more damaging is the fact that certain organizational leaders engaged in double-talk. On the surface, they propagated neutrality toward both Hilary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. But in reality they have subliminally sided with Clinton.
As the reader may see, like the rest of America, Armenian Americans have their share of ‘swamp!’
Many members of the community were outraged at how one could be neutral toward Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.
Many contended that it was under her watch that the so-called ill-devised ‘Arab Spring’ was unleashed in Middle East and especially in Syria where centuries-old Armenian and other minority communities were destroyed.
Many concerned members of the community are still troubled by the nagging question, how these political entities could remain ‘neutral’ toward Madame Secretary Clinton whose hands are tarnished with the blood of thousands of innocent victims in Middle East and especially in Syria?
‘Neutrality’ in the case of Mrs. Clinton is tantamount to being covertly supportive of her nation-to-nation political bullying and covert support of terrorists who are operating under the mask of ‘rebels.’
It does absolutely no good to stay ‘neutral’ to only after the fact, scramble to “reach out” to the winning candidate – President-Elect Trump, having covertly sided with Madame Clinton.
Luckily for the mainstream Armenian American community, large circles of voters in many of the battleground states, used their personal judgment and mobilized in favor of President-elect Trump. And their pro-Trump voting has played a pivotal role in a number of battleground states and especially in Michigan.

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