Will Washington Steer President-Elect Trump Away From His Objectives or The Other Way Around?

Posted on September. 24. 2019


On November 8, President-elect Donald Trump soundly defied the polls to pull out an upset victory against his Democratic rival Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The main factors that propelled him to victory are both voice. domestic and international.

On domestic policy level, the victory came as a result of lost opportunity by Democrats to address the ills of the greatest recession since WWII that mostly impacted the middle class, triggering widespread frustration at the nation’s elite class. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign proved to be unable to convince many middle class voters of her sincere understanding of their plight.

Conversely Mr. Trump’s campaign platform has featured social, economical and political inclusiveness.

On foreign policy level, Mrs. Clinton was defeated as a result of her foreign policy blunders that not only affected millions around the world but also directly impacted millions of disaffected American voters of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent in many of the battleground states such as Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin. These voters overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Trump who openly condemned Obama-Clinton’s policy of ‘employing’ ISIS and other extremist terrorists in Syria and Iraq destroying millions of innocent lives and centuries-old localities.

Mr. Trump’s upset victory in states Pres. Obama won in 2008 and 2012 left White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confused. Mr. Earnest stated that “a lot of people … who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, who voted for his re-election in 2012,” voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

… I don’t have an explanation for that, to put it bluntly.”

To begin with, like his writer, they were not Obama supporters who supported him unconditionally. Mostly independent voters, they propelled him to the top with the condition that he would deliver on his campaign promises.

The so-called ‘Obama voters’ should really be called ‘conditional voters’ who seek rehabilitation of the federal government. Many of these voters were dissoppointed to see Pres. Obama fail in delivering a number of important campaign promises.

They noticed how Pres. Obama turned out to be a willing subservient to the Neo-cons by giving in to the latter’s foreign and economic policy dictates. They realized that he lacked the conviction to be a self determined president.

In Mrs.Clinton, they saw more of what they have seen in Pres.Obama.

They also noticed that candidate Trump has shown fortitude of character to ” Speak truth To Power” and projected to be a very self-determined president.

When these voters were confronted with the task of making a comparison between the two candidates, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, their choice was clear. Trump gave them voice.

The common denominator betwwen successful presidental administrations is that the seat of a President and his entourage were mostly populated by individuals who are well-prepared, sage and self-determined. President Reagan was one such president who surrounded himself with prudent and wise advisors.

Pres.-Elect Trump is mandated to surround himself with quality statemen and help cure the national frustration over a corrupt, dysfunctional and rigged Washington.

What have we got to lose under a Trump presidency?

Under a Mrs.Clinton presidency, the voters would end up with more of the same as the past decade.

Former Sec.Hilary Clinton projected the image of a Former First Lady who wanted to become president at all cost — even at the cost of making damaging concessions behind closed doors to self-interests who continue to have an imposing presence in the nation’s capital.

Like Pres.Obama, she would throw her supporters under the bus and mainly cater to the corrupt elite. She would be a symbol of continuity of the counter-productive Obama-Clinton foreign policy in Middle east that has undermined US prestige and considerably damages U.S. national interests in the region.

For many voters deeply concerned with Islamic State and other extremist terrorists in Middle East, a trump victory seems to have given the United States an opportunity to rehabilitate its image and revamp its status on the world stage.

because of the fact that he has independently accumulated global business experience and reportedly built his fortune through a meritorious business practice, he would naturally bring such values to washington and far corners of the country. Industriousness, real economy and job creation has been hallmarks of Mr.Trump’s career as an international entrepreneur.

Will President-Elect trump be able to carry out productive and well-guided domestic and foreign policies?

Will domestic and foreign policy bureaucracies steer President-Elect Trump away from his political objectives or the other way around? Will they succeed in stonewalling or slowing policies that they deem damaging to their invisible masters who are driven with self-interests?

Will Commander-in-Chief Trump manage to really drain the swamp in washington or drown in it?

One shouldn’t say. “we must wait and see.” Voters need to remain demanding yet supportive; discerning yet proactive and relentless in their activism.4They shouldm’t hasitate to call out the parasites in American economy and politics and to confront them!

A proactive president needs devoted, empowering and reliable sipporters.

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