Armenia is going to be a prosperous country, says Pashinyan

Posted on September. 28. 2019

YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says the “Hero Of Our Time” award is about Armenia and the Armenian people.

In his remarks during the award ceremony Pashinyan said today they are paying a tribute to the talent of the Armenian people, his creative strength and ability to believe in his own forces.

“The feature of new Armenia is this that we have a task to constantly create new heroes. Undoubtedly, the first and the greatest heroes are the soldiers standing on the border, our officers, our Armed Forces, generals. Yesterday the Armenian President bestowed titles and awarded medals to numerous military servicemen. The people who created our people’s art and culture, our scientists, numerous state figures are heroes, but another important barcode was needed to be added, that is the image of a working and creating person. These are those people who have courage to control their fate and that of the homeland. We have launched and implemented the political revolution with a slogan, we have told all citizens of Armenia that Armenia’s future depends on one person, and that one person is you. Today, at this stage of the economic revolution, we address the same message to the citizen that the economy and the army of country depend on one person, and that one person is you. Our task is for Armenia to be a prosperous country, and Armenia will be a prosperous country where people create the prosperous present of their homeland on their own”, the PM said.

“It was difficult to select several people from 42, all of them are the heroes of our time. The main prize winner is the collective image of the heroes of our times, he is a person who made a decision in his life to make a revolution, moved from the city to the village”, the PM said, adding that this prize also symbolizes the collective creative image of the Armenian people.

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