Armenia Wine Cognac – One of the Best in International Competition

Posted on September. 29. 2019

Armenia Wine cognac has recently won a prestigious international silver medal in the International Wine & Spirit Competition. Along with the world-famous cognacs, the company’s 3-year-old and 5-year-old cognac got 90 points, and the 7-year-old one got 93.

International Wine & Spirit Competition has a 50-year history. The competition jury is composed of more than 400 professionals from over 30 countries. According to the competition’s rating scale, a silver-medal cognac is characterized by an exceptional balance and complexity of aromas that significantly distinguish it from its competitors. Olivier Chapt, a French cognac maker at Armenia Wine Company, points out that such an assessment is extremely gratifying but at the same time compelling.

“Such medals are of great importance to all of us, as it is very important to know that your work is valued. Of course, winning these medals was not that easy job to do. Long and difficult job stands in the background,” says the cognac maker. He assures that the company will continue to reach new heights and make Armenia’s name spread worldwide.

According to Olivier Chapt, the high quality of Armenia Wine cognac is conditioned by the Armenian climate, soil and water, grape variety, as well as by the French technology and emplementation of latest equipment. The cognac is aged in high quality barrels made of French oak, and the distillery is equipped with modern French equipment.

The winner cognac is not available in the Armenian market yet. The company plans to launch it in the locall and internationall markets early next year. Olivier Chapt says that especially the 3-year-old cognac will be popular with young people, as it is light and can be enjoyed at parties.

The longer the cognac is aged, the more complex the texture and the newer aroma becomes. Olivier Chapt says, that although the best moment is to try the cognac, you first need to feel the aroma.

“When you catch the scent of cognac, a journey starts through its nuances: different fruits – fresh and dry, oak, and then vanilla, chocolate, and sometimes coffee. You breathe in the aroma, you breathe in again, and you only want one thing at the moment – to try the drink,” says Olivier Chapt, tasting thecognac.

It should also be added that earlier four wines from Armenia Wine, were once again awarded gold and silver medals at the Berliner Wein Trophy, in Germany.

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