Diaspora investors must think of earning profit in Armenia – PM

Posted on September. 30. 2019

YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. The current pace of Armenia’s economic development testify about the opportunity for an economic leap, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in his remarks at the rally in Los Angeles.

“At this decisive moment I hope that the Diaspora, especially the youth of the Diaspora, the young entrepreneurs, our countrymen creating startups, will focus their attention on Armenia and will shift their activities to the Republic of Armenia, their and their ancestors’ fatherland,” the Armenian PM said.

According to the PM the unprecedented awarding ceremony which took place on Independence Day in Gyumri, the Hero of Our Times Award, shows that an opportunity exists in Armenia for people to earn their bread with honest work in Armenia.

“Our times are the times to work and create, and we are relying on the Armenian people’s diligence, talent, where the welfare of the Armenian people is growing with each day, is multiplying. And you know what, this isn’t just a myth,” Pashinyan said.

He recalled how the road network of Armenia was restored in early 2000s thanks to Kirk Kerkorian’s donations. And at that time, perhaps Armenia was indeed unable to care for the quality of its roads and infrastructures on its own. “But I would like to say that after one years since the revolution, today, the Government of Armenia is capable to carry out the same volume of mass programs in Armenia as Lincy foundation did. In the coming years we will restore thousands of kilometers of roads in Armenia, we will restore schools and build kindergartens. But this doesn’t mean that the Diaspora has nothing to do, on the contrary, I would like to say that the time has come for the investors of the Diaspora to make yet another step and think about making economic investments in Armenia, to get profit in Armenia, to get rich in Armenia and to enrich Armenia,” the PM said.

Pashinyan expressed hope that the Diaspora will stand by the side of the ongoing economic revolution in Armenia.

“This day will mark this very thing, the Diaspora which supported Armenia to reach this point, when we – as a result of our non violent, velvet, democratic revolution have the right to be considered as one of the leaders of democracy in the world, hope that just like the Diaspora stood next to the political revolution in Armenia it will stand next to the economic one also. And I would like to invite all businessmen from the Diaspora to Armenia, because in today’s Armenia you will not face the obstacles which existed in the past. Systematic corruption has been eradicated in Armenia. The authority of the monopolies and oligarchy is eliminated in Armenia. The shadow economy is being overcome in Armenia. All international organizations are making more and more optimistic economic assessments regarding Armenia, by more and more increasing growth projections for Armenia”.

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