Karekin II’s ‘Offer For Resignation’ Comes With Unacceptable Preconditions

Posted on September. 30. 2019


If it was up to Karekin II, he would have agreed to resign if only one of his ‘favored’ cohorts is elected the next catholicos. And what choices is he ‘offering?’ His number one choice for the next Catholicos is his blood-brother Yezras of Moscow who is an infamous child molester, and for destroying the Armenian Church in Russia. The second choice being ‘offered’ by Karekin II’s partner none other than Western Diocese’s Hovnan Derderian who has been caught breaking his celibacy vows by engaging in illegitimate sex, misappropriating Armenian widows and orphans’ funds in Canada, lying in a U.S. court of law through his proxy Manouk Markaryan, committing forgery, defrauding unsuspecting benefactors among many other wrongdoings. (Please click on this link for complete report by ARC.)

Can one envision if Karekin has it his way, what would the chorus of his proposed successors look like? Each and every one can bring nothing but shame to the church and the people.

After the passing of Catholicos Karekin I in 1999, a new pontifical election campaign had begun, seasoned Soviet KGB secret agent and primate of Ararat Diocese of Armenia Bishop Karekin Nersisyan was working around the clock to position himself as the front-runner for the next pontifical election.

In his bid to rig the election, Bishop Nersisyan had received millions of dollars from AGBU dictators Louise Manoogian Simone and Berge Setrakian to finance his pre-election massive bribery of delegates and other key players in the Armenian government. In the summer of 1999, Bishop Karekin, who later became Karekin II, had also promised a whopping $20 million ‘contribution’ to then Prime Minister Vasgen Sargsyan of Armenia.

On October 27, 1999, while the pontifical election was being held in Holy Etchmiadzin, news about the October 27 assassination of PM Sargsyan and other Armenian government leaders in the Armenian Parliament reached the corridors of Etchmiadzin. Bishop Karekin gave strict orders to his lackeys to quash the news until the election was completed. Bishop Karekin didn’t want the electors learn about PM Sargsyan’s assassination. Lest they found out, Bishop Karekin would lose the election and all that promised $20 million would go down the drain.

Bishop Karekin’s gag rule on the assassination news paid off. After the successful rigging of the pontifical election, catholicos-elect Bishop Karekin was consecrated as Karekin I.

During Karekin II’s ‘acceptance’ speech new theatrics were carried out. While standing next to the new pontiff, Arch. Hovnan Derderian, then primate of Canada Diocese, received a small piece of paper carrying the ‘good news’ of PM Sargsyan’s assassination. In a religious sign of passing on ‘good news’ he kissed it before passing to Karekin II. Upon receipt of the ‘good news’ Karekin II couldn’t even feign being shocked. He murmured a half-hearted prayer for the soul of Sargsyan and others and then he went on with his ‘celebration.’ Was his celebration for successful rigging of the election or the fact that he was relieved from his $20 million obligation to Sargsyan? Many observers and informed individuals assert that it was both.

Many critics of corruption in Armenian Church already are aware that these fake clergy only kneel down in front of their master, equally fake Catholicos Karekin II.

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