Distinguished Armenian Americans decline Vicken and Nora Hovsepian’s invitation to 2019 ANCA-WR Gala in protest of their decision to present Arch. Hovnan Derderian with Khrimian Hayrig Award

Posted on October. 5. 2019


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Back in early September a community-wide outcry occurred when Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR) Chairwoman Nora Hovsepian, Esq. jointly with her husband Vicken Hovsepian unilaterally announced that Arch. Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America, will be this year’s recipient of the ANCA-WR Khrimian Hayrig Award at the October 20 Gala Banquet.
Recently, USA Armenian Life Magazine learned that a number of distinguished Armenian Americans declined to accept the Hovsepian couple’s invitation to the 2019 ANCA-WR Gala in protest of the latter’s misguided decision to present a widely discredited Derderian with such an award despite the failed primate’s ever-growing litany of wrongdoings. See the Aug. 12, 2019 Armenian Church Reform Special Report titled “Twenty-Plus Reasons Why Hovnan Derderian’s Time Has Come to End” at the following link: http://www.armenianlife.com/2019/08/16/twenty-plus-reasons-why-hovnan-derderians-time-has-come-to-end/
One such prominent member is Dr. Vagharshak M. Pilossyan, MD declined to accept the invitation by the Hovsepian-controlled ANCA-WR.
Concerned Armenian Americans consider ANCA-WR’s decision to present such award to an “unholy” religious leader like Arch. Derderian very unbecoming of an organization that is devoted to defending the Armenian Nation and its Cause.
On Thursday Oct. 3, 2019 Dr. Pilossyan elaborated on the reasons stating that he finds such a decision as premature in the light of persistent media reports on Arch. Derderian’s chain of wrongdoings.
Dr. Pilossyan reported that he called the ANCA-WR headquarters and told them he was surprised that the ‘committee,’ awarding Arch. Derderian, is unaware of numerous wrongdoings by the proposed recipient.
He said: “I urged them to ‘Please hold off on granting Arch. Derderian such an award until he clears his name from the numerous charges brought against him in a number of media reports.’”
When I saw that the ANCA had invited Arch Derderian to award him with the Khrimian Hayrig Award, honestly, I was upset and called the ANCA office and said: “If you don’t read the USA Armenian Life, and are not aware of US judge’s ruling about the Archbishop’s behavior, his acts, and deeds, then I would like to advise you to acquaint yourselves with his record and then decide whether or not to give him the award. I said “I am not against presenting him with an award,” but at least postpone the presentation as this man is accused of a lot of crimes. And I have not seen him (Derderian) speak before the people and at least claim “You know what, half of the accusations are lies or all of them are absolute lies.”
It is unfortunate that the individual (Derderian) is clearly seen as a non-spiritual. He is well-read and intelligent. I have seen and read some of his books and articles. He is clearly a well-prepared intellectual person.
But … his personality shows through his actions that he is not spiritual (void of Soul), but he is occupying a position. … The truth is that we are spiritual people with a Soul, and since 301 AD, when our nation embraced Christianity through St. Gregory the Illuminator, we have been guided by the principle that we should love one another, be forgiving toward one another, and that spirituality has sanctified our nation; really led the nation forward and helped us emerge stronger from numerous challenges.
Please allow me to mention the words of an Italian saint, “O, Lord, make me an instrument that spreads your goodness.” When I hear this expression, I feel that our archbishop (Derderian) doesn’t hear or feel this call. I do not see that he is spreading goodness. He is even doing the opposite. He doesn’t even seem to know that before His crucifixion, Christ even forgave his crucifiers. But this man (Derderian) is resorting to punishments (and vindictiveness against good hearted believers).
I would have liked for him to talk about his steps (to remedy the situation). I would have liked that the respectable executive committee of ANCA-WR to acquaint themselves with the fact that the proposed honoree (Derderian) has been involved in such lawsuits and deeds which he has concealed; such acts that he has covered up. Allowe him to speak and to explain himself to you. I think, Khrimian Hayrig’s soul will cheer from above: “It’s so good that you have not given the award carrying my name to an unworthy man.”
But if and when he cleanses himself, I too will come and congratulate him for that award. I think that this is inopportune time. He is involved in lawsuits and is engaged in very dark deeds. It is a shame that Khrimian Hayrig’s name is associated with such a man. Please re-evaluate and reconsider your decision. Take your time, let him (Derderian) clear his name.
My respects to the ANCA, and to you, Archbishop, but I beg you to provide answers to the charges levelled against you. You are in a position where silence is unacceptable. If you keep on relying on your mental ability, I will shut my ears. I want to know whether you have committed a crime or not. Are you guilty or not guilty? Is everything said about you false, despite the judge’s decision?
Tavo Harutunian wrote via armenianlife.com: “The church needs to be cleaned up for the benefit of both itself and the Armenian people. And the ARF in the Western USA should not be giving Archbishop Derderian an award.”
Peter Krikorian wrote via armenianlife.com: “Are ARF and ANC members in agreement with the decisions made by the heads of these organizations? Do their votes count?”
Greg Barsamian wrote via email: “Mr. Jabarian, I have been following your column for many years. I fully support your work of exposing the thieves, the crooks, and the criminals in the Armenian community. It’s been a long time for our so called ‘leaders’ to plunder the communities in Armenia and Diaspora. With the advancement of the internet and mass media easily available for interested Armenians, there is no excuse for any one of us to hide the wrongs and let the culprits to get away. … All those who know about the corruption and do not speak out are accomplices to that crime. The Armenian parties, Vicken and Nora Hovsepian’s ANCA, ARF and Sinan Sinanian’s AGBU failed in this vital duty. I am happy that you are writing about the criminals openly. Something that I waited for a long time but did not have a first-hand knowledge and details to nail it down. Keep going, USA Armenian Life!”
Dr. Pilossyan continued: “Why is ANCA-WR also silent? Armenian Cause must remain pure and spotless. That is the only way to proceed forward, because life moves forward in tune with the Truth. Please don’t tarnish our Cause. Give the Archbishop enough time so that he can clear up the charges against him. If he is innocent, my respects to him. If he is guilty, let him go, there are many worthy other men. … This is not just my personal concern. It is a national vital issue and such distortions are damaging our Cause. The power is in the spirituality. But this man is moving in the opposite direction. The situation in the Church is, unfortunately, so demoralizing and disempowering for our people. … I am not against the Archbishop receive this award. But please, verify the accusations levelled against him; the court ruling against him. Is he right or not? Why is he so silent about the accusations? Why is he accepting the award? What would such an award mean to a clergyman? What kind of praise do you need to receive if you are a devotee/servant of God? And why does he not give up? Because he feels good about such earthly things.”
David Sarkisian wrote via armenianlife.com: “It looks like the ARF and ANC are determined to totally lose their credibility in full view of the Armenian American community and Hayastan (Armenia). What exactly is the cause of all this?”
Tsakoug Gregory from the West Side wrote via armenianlife.com: “Thank you, Appo Jabarian, for having the guts to write about all of this. Collectively, we know and yet ‘we’ are silent. We are furious that Eric Bogosian was honored in a prior ANCA-WR Gala Banquet (his OPERATION NEMESIS book was a disgrace), and this year the ‘no-land-reparations-for-the-Armenians’ Taner Akcam will receive the ANC-ER Banquet Award, whether the public likes it or not. The Vicken and Nora Hovsepian-brand of ARF/ANC has sold out and the community knows it.”
Hovsepian’s early Sept. press release states: “His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian graduated from the theological seminary of the Cilician Catholicosate in Bikfaya, Lebanon in 1975.”
According to reliable sources, Derderian has never graduated from the seminary in Lebanon. He was expelled because of illegitimate sexual acts breaking his celibacy vows. He was also a notorious gossiper and innuendo disseminator within the seminary. By Honoring such a discredited clergy – a notoriously immoral, liar, and thief like Derderian, ANCA-WR’s Nora Hovsepian is desecrating the Armenian Apostolic Church, ruining the reputation of ANCA throughout the world and committing blasphemy against the blessed memory of Catholicos of All Armenians Khrimian Hayrig and Christian religion.
The press release continued: “In 1990, Very Rev. Father Hovnan Derderian was elected Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada, whereupon he was elevated to the rank of Bishop and later as Archbishop.”
Do Vicken and Nora Hovsepian know that the proposed honoree Derderian was caught red-handed in embezzlement of funds in Canada from a fund especially set-up to assist Armenia- and Artsakh-based widows and fatherless children? It’s interesting to note that the proposed honoree was expelled from his position as primate of Canada Diocese?
In 2003, Derderian was forced upon the Western Diocese as their new primate while the unwitting Western Diocese parishioners and supporters were clueless about Derderian’s many wrongdoings in Canada and Lebanon. Hovsepian’s misdeed is a blatant and shameless disregard of the Armenian community’s outrage against a persona non-grata like Derderian who has hijacked the Diocese seat for another term by openly breaking the By-Laws of the Diocese. And who were Derderian’s potential co-conspirators? None other than attorney Joseph Kanimian and Commissioner-Judge Adrienne Krikorian.
Renowned public speaker, investigative journalist and an expert on the By-Laws of the Armenian Apostolic Church Vosgan Mekhitarian, wrote after the Western Diocesan Assembly of May 2016: “Considering that the re-election took place a year before the primate’s term has expired, which is very unusual in our Church life, this step gives us the opportunity to state that the 2016 Assembly of Representatives has plundered the 2017 Diocesan Assembly’s constitutional rights and responsibility to elect a primate. Has there ever seen anything like this …? What a comedy! This a clear violation of the By-Laws of the Western Diocese!
Mr. Mkhitaryan further added that right around the same time as the 2016 Diocesan Assembly, the “Homeland Protection Fund,” which has been under Derderian’s control announced that “to date has donated approximately $500,000 to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.”
“Brief analysis: The money has been transferred and the position of primate has been guaranteed. We should let the reader reach his own conclusion in regards to this latest comedy,” added Mekhitarian.
According to Mr. Mekhitarian’s information, one can conclude that, in order to ensure his re-appointment (rather than re-election) at the 2016 Diocesan Assembly in Las Vegas, Hovnan Derderian has simply sent his ‘gift’ to Karekin II of Etchmiadzin expediently.
Fast-forward to 2019. One wonders, in order to receive The Khrimian Hayrig Award, what set of promises has Derderian made to, and what reciprocal awards will he ‘gift’ to Dr. and Mrs. Vicken and Nora Hovsepian?
Furthermore, how much will Derderian ‘donate’ to Vicken Hovsepian’s bank by way of depositing millions of dollars belonging to the Western Diocese? Where have been deposited the multimillion-dollar funds of the Western Diocese Endowment Fund? Are they all deposited at Hovsepian’s bank? If so, then, for Derderian, that would be a effective way to bribe and make a last-ditch attempt to rescue his tarnished reputation through a high-profile organization like ANCA-WR at the expense of the organization itself.
“The Khrimian Hayrig Award represents an acknowledgment of exemplary service and devotion to the Armenian people by a religious leader,” remarked ANCA-WR Chair Nora Hovsepian, Esq.
Contrary to Derderian’s treacherous undermining the Armenian Nation and its Cause through covert support of the now-infamous anti-Armenian Turkish Protocols, His Holiness Khrimian Hayrig, Catholicos of All Armenians unlike Derderian, led a valiant political struggle in support of the Armenia Nation and its Cause.
ANCA-WR gala banquet shouldn’t serve as the venue for any kind of award to Derderian. The most appropriate venue is non-other than Ankara’s ottoman-style presidential palace of Turkish Dictator Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in presence of all the archenemies of Armenians ‘The Turkish Grey Wolves’ and their infamous leader Hasan Oktay who is in close collaboration with The informant of Istanbul Arch. Aram Ateshian who is a close ally of Arch. Hovnan Derderian and anti-Christian and anti-Armenian Karekin II and his blood-brother Arch. Yezras of Moscow.
Contrary to Nora Hovsepian’s misrepresentations, it is under Derderian’s watch that the Armenian youth participation in community and church activities has dwindled and now sadly, according federal and state government sources, over 18,000 Armenian youth are now either imprisoned, or have become gang members, or become drug-addicts causing irreparable damage to themselves, their families, their people and their national church in Western U.S. and beyond. Nowadays, more than anything the Armenian church under Derderian and his business associate Manouk Markaryan is serving more like funeral parlor than anything else. One can imagine the level of management under Derderian when the embattled primate has ‘proudly’ appointed Pastor Markaryan as his personal advisor and official spokesman of Western Diocese disregarding the fact Pastor Markaryan has been officially declared a “liar” in a U.S. Court by Judge Hammock. According to recently revealed documents from the archives, Markaryan was also caught as a thief by the late Pastor Vardan Tadevosyan of St. John Garabed Armenian Church in Hollywood.
The cronies of the Hovsepians also boast that Derderian is a primary asset for the fledgling fundraising efforts for Armenian American Museum when in fact a number of potential major benefactors, upon seeing Derderian’s name in the letterheads and brochures, have decided to abstain from making any donations until Derderian resigns from the Armenian American Museum Board and The Western Diocese in general.
Recently Hovnan Derderian was forced to seek funds from outside United States because members of the American Armenian community who have become keenly aware of his real persona, have started holding off on making any kind of donations to the Western Diocese and any other communitywide project or organization that Derderian is involved in.
A consultant for the World Bank, Canadian Int’l Development Agency (CIDA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nation Development Agency (UNDP), the Government of China and the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Nagorno-Karabakh; a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in Public Administration specializing in Ethical Leadership, an international consultant and trainer on Good Governance, Ethical Leadership, Anti-corruption education and social accountability, Garbis Korajian stated: “Few weeks after forming the undemocratic and shameful, ‘Pan-Armenian Council of Western United States’ by ARF’s Viken Hovsepian and Western Diocese’s Arch. Hovnan Derderian and their cronies, Nora Hovsepian’s ANCA-WR announced that Arch. Derderian will be honored with the ‘Khrimian Hayrig Award.’ Unfortunately, using the name of our beloved Khrimian Hayrig to honor and decorate individuals like Hovnan Derderian is shameful and unacceptable. The glorification and decoration of such undeserving recipients, who have very shady past is like awarding the medal of freedom to former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, who took one of the most prosperous African countries and turned it into one of the most corrupt and the poorest in the world. If ANCA’s Hovsepian does not watch out her behavior and continue to aggrandize the likes of Derderian, the ANCA’s good name and reputation will plummet among its supporters and sympathizers, such as myself. As a last note, our organizations have to stop such ‘monkey-business’ and honor only deserving Armenians, who have unequivocally served their communities and our people’s Cause.”
If Vicken and Nora Hovsepian have it their way all the way to 2020 ANCA-WR gala, we shouldn’t be surprised if next year’s recipient of ANCA-WR Khrimian Hayrig award wbecomes none other than the U.S. Court-recognized liar Pastor Manouk Markaryan of Western Diocese. (See Judge Hammock’s comment) Markaryan is a known ally and partner-in-crime with and a personal spokesman and advisor of Arch. Derderian at the Western Diocese.

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  1. Ardachece Barseghian says:

    I am so grateful to you for the high esteem that you have of the richness of our history today insults threatened by some unworthy people who cling to the head of our respected community. I have been living and working in a weapon since 1990 according to the example of luminous personalities that I served a few years and who are naturally at your side with dignity, aware of their moral responsibility towards the ideals of which we are heritiers. This tresor cannot be polluted, squandered, protects you, I am deeply grateful. Your light will triumph in the interest of the nation

  2. Ardachece Barseghian says:

    excuse the translation Google is fanciful I have to repeat a paragraph “I live and work in Armenia since 1990 according to the example of bright personalities that I served a few years and which are naturally at your side with dignity, aware of their moral responsibility for the ideals of which we are heritiers”

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