Arno, but not Babajanyan, or a Story of a Ball

Posted on October. 14. 2019

Yerevan, Armenia. Little Arno (Arno Ter-Poghosyan)  is only 21-month-old and already knows 170 country flags (out of 195), 50 wonders of the world, 20 world known composers with one composition from each recognizing from several notes; also acquiring  knowledge on numbers, shapes, animals, birds,  professions, vehicle types, tools, human body, clothing, etc. The little boy is hardly talking yet but is learning really fast. Not even being 2-year-old he is striving for more and more knowledge each day. Read also Arno, but not Babajanyan, or a Story of a Ball ”It all started with a little ball… Selection of Arno’s toys has always been a very serious task for me. He was  17-month-old when I first bought his first ball with country flags (may be with some 30 flags) on it and it took him a very short time to learn all the flags, now he already knows 170 flags out of 195.   I was even more surprised when we started learning Armenian and other world known composers and listen to their music, and he could recognize the composers not only by faces but also one composition from each composer only from several notes… I am often told my son is talented but I believe every child in this world is talented; we just need to discover the talent and give them ”wings to fly”, ” said Arno’s mother, Rouzanna.

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