I Want to Die With a Flag

Posted on October. 26. 2019

In an unprecedented volume of memories and experiences from Ethiopia, Vartkes shares snapshots of living in Ethiopia through three regime changes, untold numbers of amusing and painful moments, and
occasionally refers to the fascinating history of Armenians in Ethiopia
and their role in the development of their new motherland. And in many
aspects, the love, gratitude, and the good faith for Ethiopia making it impossible for them not to adore this proud and vast Africa nation.
Memories from the 1960s show an insular, relaxed, and somewhat
extravagant and carefree lifestyle disappearing. Although the book
tells about the experiences and the life of the Nalbandians in Ethiopia,
nevertheless, it can very well depict, within the same time of history, the
similar faith of thousands of Armenians of the Middle East and Africa,
who were forced to flee to other countries due to civil wars, regime
changes, and atrocities that shook many centers of the Armenian diaspora.

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