Open Letter To PM Pashinyan

Posted on November. 3. 2019

Dear Prime Minister Mr. Pashinyan,
On June 12, 1987 President Reagan said to General Secretary of Soviet Union Communist Party, Mr. Gorbachev: “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down That
Wall.” As we know, that was the end of the Soviet Union.
Mr. Pashinyan, the vast majority of Armenians are urging You to Tear Down the necrotic nest of the Republican Party, including their proxy, the corrupt Constitutional Court. The sooner the better.
Prime Minister, You have too much to do. What is needed to be implemented is something similar to world war II’s Marshal Plan to rebuild Armenia and also urgently needed is Nuremberg-like courts to bring criminals of October 27, 1999, March 1, 2008 and other suspicious murders to justice.
Mr. Pashinyan take into consideration, that sooner or later only you or your adversaries will be survive.
Mr. Pashinyan you are running behind.
Ishkhan Babajanian.MD.

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