Armenia named among world’s safest countries on Gallup International’s 2019 report

Posted on November. 19. 2019

Armenia is among the world’s safest countries on Gallup International’s latest Law and Order report.
Based on the outcomes of a survey aiming identify the Countries/Areas Most Likely to Feel Safe, it has ranked the 7th on the list of the 18 states appearing in the top positions. An estimated 89% of the respondents said they feel absolutely safe in Armenia. The country has thus shared the 6th-7th positions with Switzerland, where approximately an equivalent percentage of respondents rated the safety standards as high.
The top country on the index is Singapore (94%) followed by Norway (93%),
UAE (93%), Slovenia (90%) and Turkmenistan (90%).
With a total score of 85, Armenia thus shares the 11th position with France, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar on the general ranking.
The lowest scoring country on this year’s report is Afghanistan.

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