Arch. Hovnan Derderian’s staff sabotage rally at Western Diocese protesting AGBU school closure

Posted on December. 14. 2019

Friday December 13, 2019
Los Angeles, CA – I followed the developments at the Nov. 4 rally at the Western Diocese protesting the shuttering of AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School.
I was appalled to find out from AGBU school parents and students, that during the protest, Serpazan Derderian’s assistant at the Western Diocese intentionally turned the volume of the speaker system down so that the participants couldn’t hear the remarks of various speakers at the rally. They were not even given a podium.
Initially Arch. Derderian agreed to allow the protest rally organizers to use the parking lot of the Diocese giving lip-service to the angry students, parents and community members. It seems his primary goal was to look good. But his true colors came out when his right-hand men led by executive director of the diocese Harout Markaryan, son of court certified liar Pastor Manouk Markaryan pulled the plug of the sound system at the diocese. A clear act of sabotage!
The organizers were forced to bring their own sound system on a pickup truck in order to be able to address the protesters. When the rally organizers activated their own sound-system mounted on a truck, Serpazan Derderian’s trusted personnel played music at high pitch on the Diocese sound system in order to drown out the speeches at the rally.
At that stage all the protest rally participants were disgusted from the Serpazan, and they realized that he is a dishonest broker. They also found out that, in reality, Arch. Derderian was siding with the corrupt AGBU top leadership under Berge Setrakian and Sinan Sinanian.
Recently, I was shocked to find out that Serpazan Derderian knew longtime ago – way before AGBU leaders’ announcement, about their decision to shut down the high school in Pasadena. Yet he kept silent. Some parents at St. Gregory’s Hovsepian school in Pasadena and other community members are worried that Derderian might be conspiring to shutter the only Diocese-controlled Armenian school in all of Western U.S.
Hovsepian school in Pasadena was founded long before his arrival at the Western Diocese.

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