Some Armenian mothers are genuine supporters of Armenianness that we should all be proud of!

Posted on December. 14. 2019

Wednesday December 11, 2019
Sherman Oaks, CA – Our people have existed thousands of years primarily because of Armenian mothers who not only carried our people’s DNA but most importantly their love of their heritage and nation.
Even during the most trying times in our people’s history, they passed down their appreciation of Armenianness to their children and grandchildren.
Today our nation must feel lucky to have such Armenian mothers who are true to their people’s spiritual and cultural values. They are faithful to the Armenian Christian teachings and national aspirations. They have discerning eyes for distinguishing between right and wrong.
As great role models in our community, they deeply care about the wellbeing of the Armenian Church, and Armenian schools that provide Armenian Education to our children and grandchildren. Their moral discipline and integrity are remarkable.
I am truly inspired by such dedicated Armenian mothers, parents and teachers as Arsine Shirvanian, Maro Najarian Yacoubian and Rev. Bartev Gulumian.
If our people could have enough courageous, good-hearted and healthy-minded mothers, our common present and future can be far more promising than what it is today.
Along with many Melkonian Educational Institute alumni, Dr. Harout Mesrobian, Arsine Shirvanian and others have been steadfast in their just pursuit of the reopening of AGBU-controlled Melkonian Educational Institute in Cyprus.
And just recently, when Pasadena’s AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School’s unjustified closure was announced by AGBU Central Board, Maro Najarian Yacoubian and many like her stepped forward as opponents of shuttering a youthful and vibrant ‘Little Armenia.’
I don’t know them personally. It would be an honor to meet them one day and assist them in their just causes.
I wish all mothers were like Arsine and Maro. But sadly, not all are like them.
Some ladies care only about their own. They care less about the community in which they live or organizations to which they belong.
They only care about being given a podium and a microphone; about receiving an opportunity to show-off their mediocre talents; to prove how smart and important they are. Are they?
If these ladies are given a microphone and attention by any organizational leader – they don’t care if that person is corrupt. They don’t care about a myriad of problems plaguing the Western Diocese and about dozens of wrongdoings by Serpazan Arch. Derderian (I just received a report prepared by Armenian Church Reform movement). They choose to live in a fake paradise. They are hungry for cheap praise. They trade their misguided and counterproductive loyalty for worthless kudos by corrupt individuals.
As long as they’re in the spotlight. That’s all they care.
When an honest member of the diocese dares to criticize the corrupted primate, these self-centered ladies keep saying “don’t rock the boat.” They really mean to say “don’t rock my tiny boat.” How pathetic!
For these characters, it feels very convenient to play ‘dumb’ and ‘unaware’ of what’s really going on. My advice to these inattentive ladies: Wake up ladies and get out of your comfort zones!
One such inattentive and careless lady is Araxie Boyamian. For her, all the serious facts about Serpazan Derderian “are all lies.” When I confronted her for a fact-check on just two of the wrongdoings by Serpazan, she changed the subject and nanoseconds later, ran away. See? It’s a such an inconvenience for her to deal with Truth and realities of life under Serpazan at the Western Diocese.
About a year ago, she and her likes were able to claim that they have no knowledge that Serpazan Derderian is a liar, fraudster, thief, forgery artist and an abuser of power, now they can no longer make such claim as the whole community knows exactly who Serpazan Derderian is. Look, he was caught red-handed when his right-hand man was caught lying to the Judge in a Los Angeles court of law!
Here’s the burning question that auntie Araxie faces: How can she, as a wife, a mother and a grandmother feel comfortable when her husband, male and female family members and grandchildren are in close contact with a person like Arch. Derderian who has broken his celibacy vows by illegitimately committing sexual acts within the confines of Armenian church?
By going on Armenian TV and advertising Arch Derderian as a ‘model’ church leader, some ladies at the diocese have become automatically involved in the promotion of a spiritually- and morally-bankrupt Derderian. Is it really worth it to tarnish your own image and public standing for the sake of showing off your faces on TV, newspapers and social media?
These show-off moms constantly play the role of three monkeys – mute, deaf and blind. Never mind that our Western Diocese, and the Armenian Church in general, may end up having the same fate as the Catholic church — plagued by serious issues such as child molestation and homosexuality.
As of now the situation is fast-becoming untenable for many faithful like myself, my friends and members of my family.
Instead of migrating to ‘odar’ (non-Armenian) churches, my family and friends have decided to stay and fight for the future of our church. If Serpazan Derderian and his groupies think that they will succeed in monopolizing the church, misappropriating its fortunes, they’re sorely mistaken.
It seems like the Serpazan enjoys surrounding himself with slave-minded people like Araxie in order to create his own empire and to perpetuate his hold on power.
Over the years, I’ve noticed, Serpazan Derderian preys on his intended victims — mostly individuals who have low self-esteem, and recruits them to do his bidding. That’s such a shame!

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