Are Arch. Derderian, Pastor Markaryan and Pastor’s Son Harout Why Are They Still on Their Job at The Western Diocese?

Posted on December. 21. 2019

Pastor Manouk Markayan’s own son, Exec. Dir. of Western Diocese Harout Markayan stated in an American court that “any cleric that is caught lying should be immediately defrocked and dismissed.”

The whole world knows about Arch. Derderian’s expulsion from Seminary of The Great House of Cilicia in Lebanon; The Armenian Diocese of Canada because of Derderian’s sexual misconduct and wrongdoings. Hence, he ended up in Western United States, and somehow became the primate of Western Diocese. Fortunately for Derderian and unfortunately for Western Diocxese, those who initially supported him were not aware of his tarnished past. But now, all those who have had their share of responsibility in facilitating his election as primate of Western Diocese are deeply sorry and saddened. At this moment, this writer does not feel the need to mention their names here.

Let us not forget that the noble Armenian Canadian couple who had welcomed Derderian into their home were deeply hurt and disappointed. Derderian tried to misappropriate their funds. The victimized couple was barely able to recover some of their funds. There is a popular saying in English — “Don’t feed the snake!” As we have seen, the noble-minded couple brought Derderian into their home, cared for and fed him, but then Dertderian stung them. He abused them.
When he came to America, Derderian kept his pattern. He tried to rob Harout Aga Sarkisian, a major benefactor of the Western Diocese and Holy Echmiadzin. In addition to philanthropy, Mr. Aga Sarkisian had invested significant sums in a catering operation within the Western Diocese.
But Arch. Dererian tried to usurpe Mr. Aga Sarkisian’s and his associate Mr. Harout Hallajian’s rights.
Fortunately for Mr. Aga Sarkisian’s and Mr. Hallajian, the American justice system protected their rights.

But unfortunately for The Western Diocese and the Armenian Church, which has mismanaged by Derderian, suffered greatly. They were fined and shamed in American courts.
Then, to coverup the financial losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, suffered by the Western Diocese, Arch. Derderian went on to find a new benefactor, but in reality, he entered into new and shady business dealings.

Shortly after his arrival in Los Angeles from Canada, he began to steal credit of achievements by others. Derderian attributed to himself all the Diocesan accomplishments under former primate Serpazan Vatche Hovsepian so that he can be seen as a hero in the eyes of the community.
In fact, he primarily tried to rob major benefactors for his own personal gain. He shamelessly resorted to fraud, forgery, and other wrongdoings to entrap Dr. Petros Taglyan to defraud him out of tens of millions of dollars.
Fortunately for Dr. Taglyan, the state and federal laws in the United States have Dr Taglyan’s rights as a citizen. At the end of three consecutive hearings, Judge Hammock issued verdicts consistently in favor of Dr. Taglyan.
But, unfortunately for The Western Diocese and the Armenian Church, mismanaged by Derderian, The Armenian Church Western Diocese was once again fined and shamed in American court. The Diocese was again ordered to pay all legal expense and court costs incurred by Dr. Taglyan. Derderian’s partner, Pastor Markaryan was declared a “liar” by the court.
Derderian and Markaryan both went to Dr. Taglyan “apologizes” for their deliberate robbery attempts against Dr. Taglyan. But rightfully so, Dr. Taglyan threw them our of his office declining to accept their false “apology.”
It had become very clear to Dr. Taglyan that individuals like Arch. Derderian and Pastor Manuk Markaryan are not only fake clergy but also, they do not even have an iota of human values in their character.
For many, it has become clear that the time has come to an end for persons like Arch. Derderian, Pastor Manuk Markaryan. Not only they must be defrocked and leave The Armenian Church but also they should not be alloowed get on the sacred altar.

These fake priests who want to “Live like kings” are now trying to perpetuate their hold on power to the detriment of The People and against The People’s will.

Can you envision that in early 2019, when it’s been a few years since the Hollywood St. John Garabed Church has been physically non-existant, would hold a sham annual Parish Assembly to elect Arch. Derderian’s and Pastor Markaryan’s close allies as delegates for the May 2019 Western Diocese’ 92nd Diocesan Assembly? How could a physically non-existent church elect delegates to a crucially important Diocesan Assembly?

More importantly, let’s imagine that Hollywood St. John Garabed Church, though physically non-existent, functions in some way without a church building. But does it really, honestly a functioning church parish?

There are more urgent questions:

Question no. 1: Along with other Diocesan church parishes, Hollywood St. John Garabed Church, has an important mission to carry among 50-70,000 Armenians of Hollywood. How can one justify the fact that from 50-70,000 Armenians, the church — on paper — has only about a hundred parishioners and not hundreds or thousands? Don’t Let Arch. Derderian and Pastor Markaryan try to convince anyone by falsely claiming that “Armenians are not interested in the church.” Then why is there persistent information about Pastor Markaryan’s psychologically and verbally abusive behavior against many Armenian women and faithful Armenian men?

Question no. 2: Hollywood St. John Garabed Church convened its annual Parish Assembly on Feb. 17, 2019 with only 35 parishioners. Obviously neither Arch. Derderian nor Pastor Markaryan and his sons, who turned the church into a family business, would want more parishioners to attend and participate. Consequently, they held a quasi-secret parish assembly almost exclusively with the participation of their proxies, so that favored ‘candidates’ would be elected as delegates to the 92nd Diocesan Assembly. Why out of 50-70,000 Armenians in Hollywood only 35 (yes, thirtyfive) parishioners participated in the 2019 Parish Assembly? Isn’t this a mockery of The Armenian Church and its By-Laws?

Question no. 3: Isn’t it about time that Armenians in Hollywood area in droves become members of the Hollywood St. John Garabed Church and participate in the forthcoming annual Parish Assembly to conduct democratic and transparent elections for the benefit of the Armenian People and thei Church?

This set of steps can be a new, fresh beginnng in a communitywide effort to restore and reform the Armenian Church.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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