Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Arch. Nourhan Manougian: “Karekin II Doesn’t Want to Come Down from His Donkey.”

Posted on January. 10. 2020


On Wed. Dec. 18, His Beatitude Arch. Nourhan Manougian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, visited the Eastern Diocesan Center in New York.
According to a press release issued by the Diocese, Arch. Manougian was warmly welcomed by the Diocesan Primate, His Eminence Bishop Daniel Findikyan, and “they enjoyed a meaningful meeting during a luncheon, together with clergy of the Eastern Diocese of America.”
Bishop Findikyan, warmly addressed the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, and stressed the importance of the Holy Places. “Jerusalem has been a critically important center for Armenian Christians for centuries, and a great influence over our church’s vision, theology, and liturgy,” Bishop Findikyan said. “Even today, traveling to Jerusalem changes the lives of countless Armenian pilgrims, and it honors us to be in the company of the leader of our Patriarchate today.
We pray for the ongoing ministry and health of Patriarch Nourhan, and for the courage he shows in defense of the Armenian presence in the Holy Land.”
Arch. Manougian informed Bishop Findikyan and all present, about the situation of the Christians, and in particular about the Armenian Apostolic Church in the Holy Land. His Beatitude has planned various restorations including the renewal of the Armenian Museum.

He thanked Bishop Findikyan, clergy and faithful for their moral as well as material support. The Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem also spoke about the newly founded organization “Knights of St. James,” dedicated to support the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem.
A few days ago, California-based Jerusalemite Armenian friends informed USA Armenian Life editorial staff that during the diocesan luncheon, a member of the Eastern Diocese clergy asked Patriarch Arch. Manougian about the fate of the ordination as bishops of two senior members of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. A bishop, according to the canons, is consecrated (elevated or ordained) by at least three other bishops—one of whom, in the Armenian Apostolic Church, must be the Catholicos or the Patriarch.
In response, Arch Manougian responded saying that “Karekin II Doesn’t Want to Come Down from His Donkey.” He is still refusing to provide with a bishop from Holy Etchmiadzin in order for the ordination to take place.
Many members of the American Armenian community have also been wondering as to why Karekin II has been refusing to provide a bishop for the ordination ceremony.
Karekin II along with his fellow clansmen Arch. Hovnan Derderian of Western Diocese and Yezras of Moscow are also “refusing to come down from their donkeys” on a host of issues concerning the wellbeing of the Armenian Church and its dioceses around the world namely the Dioceses of France, Russia, as well as the Eastern and Western Dioceses of United States.
Recently a Western Diocese supporter lamented about the fact that certain members of the Diocesan Council like Joseph Kanimian, Esq. (past-chairman) and Adrienne Krikorian (current chairman) and the Diocesan Delegates are co-opted by Arch. Derderian and his ally Karekin II.
A loyal supporter of the Western Diocese wrote that “the church religious and lay leaders need to listen to the community and should not promote the will of a few. They should carry out their fiduciary duties. They are elected to promote the will of their constituents, whether they agree with their positions or not. The community feels that there is a need for transparency and accountability and that the Diocesan Council shouldn’t turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the will of the Armenian community – an undemocratic mindset to say the least.”
An increasing number of community members feel convinced that “The time has come to an end for Arch. Derderian, and his cohorts,” and that “All the autocrats within the Armenian Church and other affected organizations must come down from their donkeys.”

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