Karekin Simonian: An internationally recognized Referee in Weightlifting and Bodybuilding sports.

Posted on January. 25. 2020

Karekin[1] Simonian is an internationally recognized Referee in Weightlifting and Bodybuilding sports. He was granted the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness( I.F.B.B) Gold Medal in 1992 for his support of Bodybuilding and Fitness in Iraq, And Amongst All Peoples in the World regardless of Race, Religion or Culture. International Weightlifting Federation (I.W.F) Gold Medal in 1981 for 25 Years of Service, and in 2007 the I.W.F Golden Plaque for 50 Years of Outstanding and Meritorious Service as International Referee in Body Building & weightlifting, as well as the I.F.B.B Gold Medal for his contribution made towards the development of bodybuilding in Armenia in 2000. He has been the I.F.B.B Reporter for 50 years. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Medals_and_Plaques.jpg

Mr Simonian is one of five people in the world, and the only Armenian, whom has been granted the 50 Years Golden Plaque. 

Karekin is a Recognized International Olympic and Paralympics Committee Referee, and a Sponsor to NSW Weightlifting Team (Australia), as well as a Committee Member of the Australian and NSW Weightlifting Federation/Association (AWF, NSWWA). He coached a team of young athletes in Sydney, and Refereed in many Australian national and international games from 2000 until 2012, after which he moved to the Unites States, but kept his ties with the Australian AWF and NSWWA community. He has also supported and worked as a committee member of the PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club) in Burwood, Sydney-Australia, which aimed to develop skills, character and leadership in young people, and introduced them to sports and other activities

For more than 50 years Karekin Simonian has dedicated his time and expertise to the betterment of sports in Iraq, Middle East, Australia, Armenia, United States of America and Canada, and volunteered at the Sydney Olympics 2000 on the weight lifting team. 

In 2000, The Australian Olympic committee (AOC) invited Mr. Simonian, to participate and support the 2000 Olympic Games, for the sport of Weightlifting, hence he volunteered as Refereed (Judge), assisted the athletes, coaches and managers from around the world during the Olympic and Paralympics Games, he was also on the Paralympics committee. “Being conversant in many languages, his contribution at both training and competition venues was invaluable” a quote from AOC participation and appreciation letter.

In 2011 Mr. Simonian was nominated for Australian Citizen of The Year by the City of Ryde.  http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/files/assets/public/media-releases/2011/070111_citizen-and-young-citizen-of-the-year.pdf?streamfile=true

In 2000, he was granted the Key to the Historic City of Melaka, by the Chief Minister of Melaka, Malaysia

Beside his career in sports, he holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from London College of Mechanical Engineering by correspondence, and completed a technical mechanical course from Mercedes-Benz Schulung (Germany) and Renault (France). He practiced mechanical engineering until his retirement.

Mr. Simonian was also one of the founding members of “Homenetmen Հ.Մ.Ը.Մ” an Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts, in Baghdad-Iraq, in 1961.

Personal life: Karekin Simonian was born in Kirkuk, Iraq in 1932 of an Armenian family, he holds a dual citizenship Australian and American, as well as residency of Armenia, married to Zvart Vartanian an Educator and Armenian socialite, involved in many humanitarian, social and educational organizations such as The Armenian Relief Society “Հ.Օ.Մ. H.O.M.”, and they together have three children, Dr. Margaret Simonian, Sarkis Simonian, and Andy Simonian, as well as two grandchildren

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