Acoustic Guitarist IAN GOTHE Shares New Video “Take Me Home” from debut album ‘Memento’

Posted on February. 14. 2020

“I wrote ‘Take Me Home’ as an anthem for one of the defining questions of my life, ‘Where do I belong?’” shares IAN. “As I was grappling with emotions suspended in a loss devoid of closure, ‘Take Me Home’ grew to become an ethereal journey through dreams, memories, and imagined futures.

“The moment in the video when I kneel in the cemetery,” elaborates IAN, “is meant to underscore the role of loss in fueling the human drive to belong, and the sojourn throughout the video taps into the desire to escape that we all have at some point, knowing full well that the mind, soul, heart, and pain will follow. Employing the metaphor of dream and the fairytale beauty of the Armenian landscape that is a reflection of what I imagine to be my soul’s home, I worked to create a tale that captures the universal experience of longing to uncover a sense of being, all while again losing that which never existed. 

“With this song,” IAN adds, “I attempted to create a space to contemplate loss and question the uncomfortable ambiguity of existence.  By painting a picture of dreams and a desire to find home with enough textures and colors, my hope is that listeners can contemplate their own journeys.”

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