Public Service Announcement from Glendale City Councilman-Elect Ardy Kassakhian

Posted on March. 21. 2020

Dear Glendale Friends,

Never did I imagine that I’d earn the vote of my fellow Glendale residents and be thrust into an uncertain situation that is complex and continuously developing. These are uncharted waters for all of us but we will get through it together as we always have. 

I wanted to take a moment to check in with you and give you a brief update on what the city is doing to address the spread of the COVID-19 virus and also ask you for your assistance in supporting our community.

1.     The City of Glendale’s buildings are officially closed but there will be someone to answer your calls and questions in every department. Most essential services like trash pick-up will continue as normal. 

2.     Local groceries are working with the City to provide special shopping hours to seniors when the shelves are restocked. If you know any seniors or shut-ins who need extra help during this time, please refer them to the City’s Senior Servicessection at (818) 548-3772.   

3.    There are currently 4 cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Glendale.  Find updated information at the Department of Public Health website or the City of Glendale website.

4.    Dine-in food service is currently prohibited but that doesn’t mean you can’t still order your favorite meals for pick up or delivery. Many of the restaurants in our city rely on our support to stay in business, and I encourage you to support the same restaurants during this time.

5.     Parking restrictions will not be enforced, particularly as they pertain to street sweeping for the next few weeks.  As many of you are currently stuck at home or have friends and family staying with you to ride this out, you will not need to worry about your car getting ticketed for being parked in the wrong place!

6.    The following establishments are also closed to the public:Movie theaters & live performance venues, bowling alleys, arcades, and similar entertainment establishmentsAll gyms and fitness centers All bars, banquet halls, and nightclubs 
7.    Glendale College and Glendale Unified School District have stopped in-class learning and are moving to online modules.  This is going to be a very difficult transition for many as we try to balance family time with schoolwork and working from home. Hang in there. These two institutions are hard at work trying to figure out what is best for your children and our student population. Visit their websites for the most recent information.  
 Glendale Community College 
Glendale Unified School District 
8.      Last and probably most important is the following. Please exercise care and concern for each other and buy only that which you need.  Hoarding supplies and toilet paper will not help us overcome this crisis.

Please continue to be safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.  We are stronger than this and we will make it through this by practicing good hygiene, remaining calm and working together. 

Ardy Kassakhian

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