OPEN DISCUSSION; TV Host/Commentator Appo Jabarian with Guest Commentator: Investigative journalist Vosgan Mekhitarian

Posted on April. 24. 2020

Certain things happened in Armenia that Karekin II didn’t expect: His attempts to exploit the Coronavirus Pandemic to weaken PM Nikol Pashinyan’s government triggered a strong backlash and widespread calls for his resignation. Deputy Speaker of Armenian Parliament  Alen Simonian lashed out at the unpopular Catholicos. Thousands of Armenians in Armenia and around the world have demanded Karekin II’s resignation. The day before on April 13, Karekin II’s AND Hovnan Derderian’s close ally Arch. Navasard Kchoyan was indicted by Armenia’s NSS for Karekin II and Hovnan Derderian’s Close Ally in Money Laundry, Theft, Fraud, and Tax Evasion.

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