Are Karekin II, Hovnan Derderian and Joseph Kanimian collaborating to execute a Big Plan?

Posted on May. 16. 2020



Nowadays many American Armenians are asking, “What does Joseph Kanimian, Esq. have to do with embattled primate of Western Diocese Hovnan Derderian and current occupier of the Throne of Holy Etchmiadzin Karekin II?”
Another popular question: “Are Karekin II, Hovnan Derderian and Joseph Kanimian collaborating to execute of a Big Plan?”
“The short and precise answer is a resounding YES,” say several Los Angeles Armenians.
In late 2019, a loyal supporter of Western Diocese wrote an open letter to Kanimian saying “You’re worthless and useless participation in some of the DIOCESAN committees does not give you FREE PASS to various Diocesan events for which is normal and conscientious people, purchase tickets to get in. … You who considers himself as the ‘GOD-SENT GIFT’ to the Diocese, expect to have free access to all those events and shamelessly, you and her majesty, your wife, who, God forbid it, doesn’t help out in any of the Diocesan committees, come and occupy the head table … undeservedly … This is outrageous and insult to all those numerous worthy volunteers who spend their precious time for the betterment of our church without necessarily being acknowledged. On the other hand, because of your CHILDHOOD friendship with Srpazan, you get promoted, undeservedly, to honorary GODFATHER status of the cathedral without donating ‘ANY CENT’ to the cathedral construction. With what conscience do you accept such status? Why did you deserve the Honourable “NERSES SHNORHARLI” medal …?”
“Everything comes with a price. Joseph Kanimian is a childhood friend of Derderian. Together they have perpetrated several nefarious acts within the Western Diocese, and that’s why he gets freebies,” recently confided in USA Armenian Life another lifelong supporter of the Diocese.

According to reliable sources and investigative reports by journalists from Armenia of the last two decades, the triumvirate — Karekin II, Hovnan Derderian of Los Angeles, and Yezras Nersisyan of Moscow, jointly head an international cartel that has reportedly looted and misappropriated hundreds of millions of dollars.
To this day, these investigative reports and media accounts remain uncontested by the accused trio.
Worldwide investigation involving various law enforcement authorities, a contingent of private investigators and investigative reporters point out that the total combined value of the looted assets by this clan could exceed billions of dollars.
An unprecedented mobilization to save the Armenian Church from the jaws of massive corruption and nepotism under Karekin II, Hovnan of Los Angeles, Yezras of Moscow has begun in Armenia and Diaspora.
Armenian faithful around the world are angry at the fact that Karekin II’s and Hovnan Derderian’s clergy allies are going around town in brand new Bentleys in Armenia — a country where poverty hovers around 30%.
The people are weary of impending series of projected misappropriations or outright looting of the Church and other organizations like Ararat Home of Los Angeles, Inc.

To date, “Karekin II-Hovnan-Yezras” cartel has systematically defrauded, misappropriated, stolen and misused assets and funds in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Paris, Nice, Toronto, Moscow, Kiev, Yerevan, Calcutta and other cities.
On April 13, in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia (NSS-RA) — the Armenian equivalent of the KGB and FBI, Indicted Karekin II’s and Hovnan Derderian’s close ally in money laundry, theft, fraud, and tax evasion.
The Armenian state’s top law enforcement authorities arrested Arch. Navasard Kchoyan of Ararat Diocese for his collusion with an Armenian businessman to defraud another entrepreneur out of a combined $12 million.
Reportedly the cartel is assisted directly or indirectly by a contingent of enablers, such as Joseph Kanimian, Esq. Sinan Sinanian, Berge Setrakian, ARF Western U.S./ANCA-Western Region autocrats Viken and Nora Hovsepian, AGBU autocrat Berge Setrakian, Tekeyan Cultural Association autocrat Edmond Azadian among others.
Any key enabler who ‘delivers’ a certain quota can be ‘promoted’ to the level of a ‘Franchisee’ or an ‘Associate.’ Reportedly Joseph Kanimian has already ‘earned’ this ‘promotion.’
In recent months as proxies of Karekin II and Hovnan Derderian, Joseph Kanimian, Esq. and building contractor Sinan Sinanian have jointly masterminded a motion on By-Laws amendment ending all voting rights of dues-paying members at Ararat Home of Los Angeles effectively setting the stage for a smooth and uncontested takeover of the non-denominational American Armenian organization with over $100 million dollars in assets.
“Kanimian’s and Sinanian’s underlings and allies at Ararat Home such as Derik Ghookasian and fellow board member Michael Surmeian seem to be instructed to refute and deny all the recent media reports on impending takeover of the Home by their special interest group,” stated a lifelong dues-paying member.
On Diocesan level, Kanimian has successfully covered up a number of By-Laws violations by Derderian and other illegal activities at Western Diocese and various parishes such St. John Garabed Hollywood (2018) and St. John Garabed San Diego (2014-2016); Etchmiadzin, Moscow Diocese, Canada Diocese and other satellites, in service of his masters.
Chief among these Kanimian coverups, are a litany of illegal activities by Catholicos Karekin II, Arch. Hovnan Derderian, Pastor Manouk Markaryan of Hollywood and others. At least three or more illicit acts are reportedly perpetrated by each of the various members of the “Karekin II-Hovnan” cartel.
Here’s a list:

  • Money Laundry;
  • Tax evasion;
  • Fraud;
  • Forgery;
  • Monetary theft;
  • Drug Trafficking;
  • Abuse of the Faithful;
  • Elderly Abuse;
  • Physical violence;
  • Bullying;
  • Character assassination;
  • Murder;
  • Rape of women;
  • Child molestation;
  • Kidnapping and illegal child trade
  • Sexual slavery and trade
  • Illicit sexual activities by celibate priests and religious leaders
  • By-Laws violations by Derderian, Karekin II, Yezras of Moscow and proxies at Holy See, various dioceses, parishes, in Armenia and Diaspora.
    Kanimian’s other tasks may also include to secretly ‘train’ yeomen like fellow trustees Derik Ghookasian and Michael Surmeian to carry out many of the dirty works possibly dictated by Derderian and Karekin II. While Ghookasian is Chief Operating Officer at Ararat Home, he is — at the same time, a leading member of Western Diocese’s St. Peter Church Parish Council. Conflict of interest? Let’s continue reading.

Worldwide Modus Operandi of Karekin II-Hovnan Derderian clansmen
Because of space limitation, this writer is going to focus on two distinct yet synchronized actors. One operating on a church parish level (Sarkis Der Sarkissian of Hollywood), and another on diocesan level (Joseph Kanimian, Esq.).
Sarkis Der Sarkissian is a key local enabler, collaborator and franchisee. For a number of years, he has been Parish Council Chairman of now-defunct St. John Garabed Armenian Church Hollywood. His son Ara Der Sarkissian is a member of Diocesan Council at Western Diocese and at the same time a member of St. John Garabed Hollywood Parish Council Treasurer. His relative is the Chairman. While Pastor Manouk Markaryan and his two sons Harout and Gevork are leading members at the same Parish Council. Harout Markaryan is also Exec. Dir. of Western Diocese. Thus, forming a joint family business venture within the church with Der Sarkissian Family. Monopoly and nepotism? (Although recently Rev. Manouk Markaryan, took to the social media boasting “God is Great” (“Advadz Medz Eh”) that soon the construction of the new church will begin in earnest, he was visibly troubled not knowing if he will be around as a pastor or will be a defrocked priest yet again by the time the construction of the new church is completed – if it ever will. Markaryan has been defrocked already once in early 1990’s in Armenia by His Holiness Vasken I and was expelled from the Armenian Church.)
During several years, while Kanimian ‘excelled’ in covering up many of Diocesan primate Hovnan Derderian’s misdoings at Western Diocese, Sarkis Der Sarkissian has been engaged in the coverup of Pastor Manouk Markaryan’s and Derderian’s nefarious activities at the Hollywood St. John Garabed Church.
Kanimian has been one of the main engines of perpetuation of Derderian’s usurpation of power by systematically undermining democracy, human and constitutional rights of many delegates almost in all Western Diocese-related elections through blatant violations of the Western Diocese By-Laws!
There is a growing global movement among Armenians who are increa-singly demand the resignation of Karekin II, Hovnan Derderian, Yezras and their allies and to return all the illegally acquired or misappropriated assets back to the Armenian Church and The People. Last week, The Armenian parliament has passed a legislation to this effect.
“God is Great” (“Advadz Medz Eh”).
Stay tuned.

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    Someday you will uncover all these secret motive and truth will prevail. Keep probing
    That is how Nixon resigned in disgrace

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