Better late than never “Aveli lav eh oush, kan yerpek”

Posted on May. 16. 2020

BY Dikran Abrahamian MD | Ontario, 15 May 2020

It has been seven years since “Keghart” published Catholicos Karekin II Stands Accused and raised issues about the crook in Etchmiadzin. The publication was rebuked by many, including a faction of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADLP). “Keghart” followed up on the subject in subsequent years.
We welcome ADLP’s stand and believe the “Nor Hayasdan, nor Vehapar” movement in Armenia contributed at shaping the views of certain members of the party. Through protest marches and speeches, the movement raised awareness to a qualitatively new level with the participation of thousands of people. We hope that once the pandemic is under reasonable control in Armenia, people will rise again to get rid of the master criminal occupying the Holy Seat.
Having condemned the situation at St. Echmiadzin, the ADLP did not go far enough and call for the resignation of the hoodlum. The ADLP call left the solution in the hands of the assembly which is stuffed with members of dubious background.
Hopefully, the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (SDHP) will soon express its opinion and go a step further and call for the resignation of the usurper.
Berj Setrakian, et al, Azadian, et. al, stop abetting the despot under the guise of promoting the integrity and interests of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

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