What’s Behind Edmond Azadian’s, Sergio Nahabetian’s, Hagop Kassarjian’s close ties with Karekin II-Hovnan-Yezras Cartel?

Posted on May. 24. 2020


In a span of only one month, several important developments took place in Armenia.
On April 13, in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia (NSS-RA) — the Armenian equivalent of the KGB and FBI, Indicted Karekin II’s and Hovnan Derderian’s close ally in money laundry, theft, fraud, and tax evasion.
The Armenian state’s top law enforcement authorities arrested Arch. Navasard Kchoyan of Ararat Diocese for his collusion with an Armenian businessman to defraud another entrepreneur out of a combined $12 million.The Armenian state’s top law enforcement authorities arrested Arch. Navasard Kchoyan of Ararat Diocese for his collusion with an Armenian businessman to defraud another entrepreneur out of a combined $12 million.
On April 16, Armenia’s Parliament passed the law on illegally-acquired property. The new law enables Armenia’s law enforcement authorities to confiscate from corrupt current and former “government officials all properties of illegal origin.”
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that “The Republic of Armenia Law on confiscation of property of illegal origin should target corrupt people, money launderers and members of criminal groups.”
The new law is mandated to be enforced retroactively all the way to September 21, 1991 when Armenia was freed from then newly defunct Soviet Union.
Many former and a number of current corrupt officials have schemed to misappropriate assets under the names of relatives and fellow clansmen. Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II is widely considered as a top ally of both former Pres. Robert Kocharyan and the third pres. Serzh Sargsyan and their clans.
Ever since being elected on October 27, 1999, as Catholicos of All Armenians through massive bribes (reportedly amounting to $20 million mostly ‘gifted by AGBU autocrats Louise Manoogian-Simone and Berge Setrakian), Karekin II reportedly collaborated with several clans while seeking ‘protection’ and other ‘benefits’ from them.
Sensing that the April 13 arrest of his right-hand man Arch. Kchoyan may eventually tie him into the ongoing investigations, Karekin II exploited the Coronavirus Pandemic and the imprisoned former Pres. Kocharyan. On April 14, he openly lobbied for the release of Kocharyan under the pretext of “humanitarian consideration.”
This latest political ploy by Karekin II has unleashed an avalanche of public criticism in Armenia and Diaspora. Many Karekin II critics condemned the pontiff’s ill-vised action. Tens of thousands of homeland and Diaspora Armenians reminded Karekin II and his clansmen their strong disapproval. Currently his public disapproval rating among world Armenians is at an all-time high of 89%.
According to reliable sources and investigative reports by journalists from Armenia of the last two decades, the trio — Karekin II, Hovnan Derderian of Los Angeles, and Yezras Nersisyan of Moscow, jointly head an international cartel that has reportedly looted and/or misappropriated hundreds of millions of dollars.
To this day, these investigative reports and media accounts remain uncontested by the accused trio.
Worldwide investigation involving various law enforcement authorities, a contingent of private investigators and investigative reporters point out that the total combined value of the looted assets by this clan could exceed billions of dollars.

Armenian faithful around the world are angry at the fact that Karekin II’s and Hovnan Derderian’s clergy allies are going around town in brand new Bentleys in Armenia — a country where poverty hovers around 30%.
To date, the cartel has systematically defrauded, misappropriated, stolen and misused assets and funds in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Paris, Nice, Toronto, Moscow, Kiev, Yerevan, Calcutta and other cities.
Reportedly the cartel is assisted directly or indirectly by a contingent of laypeople enablers, such as Joseph Kanimian, Esq., Sinan Sinanian, Berge Setrakian, ARF Western U.S./ANCA-Western Region autocrats Viken and Nora Hovsepian, AGBU autocrat Berge Setrakian, Tekeyan Cultural Association autocrat Edmond Azadian among others.
In the aftermath of the Dec. 7, 1988 Armenia Earthquake, over $30 million were donated by Armenians around the world for the purpose of reconstruction of homes for the Armenian victims in the earthquake disaster area. The funds were placed under the care of the Catholicosate of All Armenians and the supervision of the funds was eventually transferred to Karekin II. Ever since Karekin II’s coming to the throne, no accountability has been presented to the Armenian people.
Similarly, ever since the shuttering of several Armenian schools, cultural and community centers by AGBU autocrat Berge Setrakian, Tekeyan Cultural Association, Inc. (“TCA”) autocrat Edmond Azadian and the massive selloff of the real estate assets racking in tens of millions of dollars no accountability has been presented to the Armenian people.
Just an example: Five years have gone by and nobody knows of the TCA Arshag Dikranian Armenian School $14.5 million funds whereabout.
In June 30, 2015, Tekeyan Cultural Association, Inc. (“TCA”) Board of Directors closed down TCA Arshag Dikranian Armenian School (“Arshag Dikranian”) and liquidated its real estate assets for over $14.5 million on September 11, 2015.
TCA Board of Directors was led by Edmond Azadian and George Mandossian, Vatche Semerdjian and Panig Keshishian. Azadian emerged as the autocrat, Mandossian as the main collaborator-enabler.
At the insistence of Mandossian, Keshishian was retained the main broker. Keshishian acted as both a trustee and a real estate broker – conflict of interests? Reportedly Keshishian cashed in around one million dollars in commission and secretly shared the proceeds with Mandossian and others.
In August, 2016, charitable donors Petros Taglyan, Karine Taglyan, Martin Martirosian, Angela Martirosyan, Hakop Semirdzhyan and Seda Semirdzhyan filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against Azadian-led TCA Board of Directors. The TCA Board of Directors was sued for “fraudulently closing TCA Arshag Dikranian Armenian School.”
Five years have gone by and nobody knows of the TCA Arshag Dikranian Armenian School $14.5 million funds whereabout.
In a similar vein, last year Setrakian’s and Sinanian’s ‘associates’ at AGBU unilaterally decided the shuttering of AGBU Vatche and Tamara Manoukian High School in Pasadena, Calif. No one knows for sure as to the fate of the multi-million dollar real estate assets of the condemned school.
In response to massive public criticism in Armenia and Diaspora, Armenian Democratic League – Ramgavar Party leadership issued a May 14 official announcement, stating, “Unfortunately, our sacred institution (The Armenian Church) is in an undesirable state. And already alarming complaints and criticisms are heard everywhere, especially directed at Holy Etchmiadzin and its high-ranking clergymen. It is no longer possible to ignore the heartfelt and legitimate concerns and criticisms of the children of the Armenian Church.”
The statement signed by the Party Secretary Dr. Raffi Balian and Chairman Mike Kharabian, also emphasized: “Something, somewhere, is definitely wrong and there would be no smoke without fire. Critics are not the enemies of the Church, but well-informed individuals who demand reform, the establishment of order, the sanctification of the clergy’s way of life, behavior, and morals. Extensive forgeries-falsifications and inappropriate activities unbecoming of clergymen have been revealed. The issue is so serious that, in our estimation, it has become a matter of national security.”
Dikran Abrahamian MD, founder of Kegart.com in Canada, wrote on 15: “We welcome ADLP’s (Ramgavar Party’s) stand and believe the “Nor Hayasdan, Nor Vehapar” movement in Armenia contributed at shaping the views of certain members of the party. Through protest marches and speeches, the movement raised awareness to a qualitatively new level with the participation of thousands of people. We hope that once the pandemic is under reasonable control in Armenia, people will rise again to get rid of the master criminal occupying the Holy Seat. Having condemned the situation at St. Etchmiadzin, the ADLP did not go far enough and call for the resignation of the hoodlum. The ADLP call left the solution in the hands of the assembly which is stuffed with members of dubious background. Hopefully, the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (SDHP) will soon express its opinion and go a step further and call for the resignation of the usurper.”
Dr. Abrahamian urged: “Berj Setrakian, et al, Azadian, et. Al, stop abetting the despot undeR THE GUISE OF PROMOTING THE INTEGRITY AND INTERESTS OF THE ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH.”
Abetting The apologists of “Karekin II-Hovnan-Yezras” cartel have been doing during the last few days.
On May 15, an offshoot of the party, the ADL-Ramgavar wing controlled by corrupted Edmond Azadian (Boston), Hagop Kassarjian (Lebanon), Sergio Nahapetian (Argentina) and Sevag Hagopian Zartonk editor (Lebanon) went on a temper tantrum editorial spree blindly defending “Karekin II-Hovnan-Yezras” cartel.
These apologists’ actions raise a number serious questions.
Are they aware that at least three or more illicit acts are reportedly perpetrated by each of the various members of the “Karekin II-Hovnan” cartel?At least three or more illicit acts are reportedly perpetrated by each of the various members of the KarekinII-Hovnan cartel.
Here’s a list:Here’s a list:

  • Money Laundry;
  • Tax evasion;
  • Fraud;
  • Forgery;
  • Monetary theft;
  • Drug Trafficking;
  • Abuse of the Faithful;
  • Elderly Abuse;
  • Physical violence;
  • Bullying;
  • Character assassination;
  • Murder;
  • Rape of women;
  • Child molestation;
  • Kidnapping and illegal child trade
  • Sexual slavery and trade
  • Illicit sexual activities by celibate priests and religious leaders
  • By-Laws violations by Derderian, Karekin II, Yezras of Moscow and proxies at Holy See, various dioceses, parishes, in Armenia and Diaspora.
    Are they also among those who have perpetrated any number of those nefarious acts?At least three or more illicit acts are reportedly perpetrated by each of the various members of the KarekinII-Hovnan cartel.
    The people are weary of impending series of projected misappropriations or outright looting of the Church and its dioceses – especially the financially wealthy satellite branches such as Western Diocese of North America, Eastern Diocese of North America as well as Canada, Argentina, Australia Diocese,
    No matter what the “Karekin II-Hovnan-Yezras” cartel apologists do, it boomerangs and comes back to haunt them.
    An unprecedented mobilization is underway to save the Armenian Church from the jaws of massive corruption and nepotism under Karekin II, Hovnan of Los Angeles, Yezras of Moscow has begun in Armenia and Diaspora.

One response to “What’s Behind Edmond Azadian’s, Sergio Nahabetian’s, Hagop Kassarjian’s close ties with Karekin II-Hovnan-Yezras Cartel?”

  1. Barséghian Ardachèce says:

    Dear brave, Nationalist Friends, what a fair and beautiful program you are following and succeeding. We succeed in honor of our church. Realizing that I am not a believer, but I respect our church, defending our history, the pure faith of its martyrs who were sacrificed, so that the scoundrels, traitors, thieves of cross, and the overly polluted could be cleansed in order to keep our foreheads clean in the face of world domination. My deepest appreciation. Let me remind you that I am a French-Armenian, I have moved here to a sad, miserable, neo-Soviet homeland since 1990.

    Chers courageux, amis nationalistes, quel programme juste et beau vous suivez et réussissez. Nous réussissons en l’honneur de notre église. Réalisant que je ne suis pas croyant, mais que je respecte notre église, défendant notre histoire, la pure foi de ses martyrs qui ont été sacrifiés, afin que les scélérats, traîtres, voleurs de croix et hyper-pollués puissent être nettoyés afin de garder nos fronts propre face aux governments du monde. Merci beaucoup. Permettez-moi de vous rappeler que je suis franco-arménien, je me suis installé ici dans une patrie néo-soviétique triste et misérable depuis 1990.

    Յարգելի քաջ, Ազգայնասէր Ընկերներս, ինչ արդար եւ գեղեցիկ ծրագրի կը հետեւիք եւ կը յաջողիք: Կը յաջողինք՝ ի պատիւ մեր եկեղեցւոյ: Հասկնալով, որ հաւատացեալ չեմ, բայց կը յարգեմ մեր եկեղեցին, պաշտպանելով մեր պատմութիւնը, իր նահատակներու մաքուր հաւատքը, որ զոհուեցան, որպէսզի այսպիսի սրիկաները, Ազգի դաւաճանները, խաչագողները, վերին աստիճանի պղտորուածները՝ մաքրուին, որպէսզի աշխարքի իշխանութիւններու դիմաց մեր ճակատը մաքուր ու բարձր պահենք: Խորին շնորհակալութիւն: Յիշեցնեմ, որ ֆրանսահայ եմ, տեղափոխուած եմ այստեղ՝ ողբալի, թշուառ, նեո-սովետական Հայրենիք՝ 1990է ի վեր:

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