Joaquín Caparrós: I Would Like To See More Armenian Players In Our Teams

Posted on June. 4. 2020

Armenian national team boss Joaquin Caparros, who is not able to come to Armenia because of closed borders, is watching Armenian Premier League matches on TV, FFA reported.

“The players are not in a good fit because of this pause. The lack of playing rhythm and practice is the reason they are not as competitive as they can be,” he said.

“The more they play, the more playing conditions will come back. I liked FC Ararat-Armenia most of all. It’s not surprising, as they are reigning champions.

Anyway, I would be happier, if more Armenian players play in our clubs, which will make the selection for the Armenian national team easier.

We must watch more games, preferably from the stadium to have a better understanding of the level of players.”

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