Armenian servicemen ask to delay demobilization until final victory

Posted on July. 23. 2020

Servicemen of all military units of the 3rd Armenian army corps subject to demobilization have unanimously appealed to their command staff, asking them to suspend the demobilization and to allow them to continue serving along with their fellow soldiers and commanders until final victory and as long as the adversary is seeking provocations, Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan said on Facebook.

“Although the Defense Ministry has stated that there is no need for volunteers as the Armenian Armed Forces are honourably fulfilling their tasks, the servicemen that have been demobilised, both in Armenia and Artsakh, especially in the military units the Azerbaijani forces have attacked in recent days, have expressed readiness and determination to stand by our servicemen in their military units and protect the country’s borders,” she wrote.

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