Candidate for US Congress Eric Early Supports Justice For Armenians on Turkish-executed Genocide

Posted on September. 14. 2020

Dear Armenian-American Community,

My name is Eric Early, and I’m running to serve as the next United States Congressman from California’s 28th Congressional District. The District includes Glendale, Burbank, La Canada-Flintridge and several other great cities and municipalities.

· You can read more about me, my family and my business background as an attorney and my nationally recognized law firm at

· I have been endorsed by The California Republican Party, The Los Angeles County Republican Party, President Reagan’s former Chief Speechwriter Kenneth Kachigian, former Los Angeles County District Attorneys Robert Philibosian and Steve Cooley, former Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, and many others.

· Our District embodies the ideals of Freedom, Faith, Family, Country and Free Markets.

· I am not a politician and do not need to do this, but I entered this race because I love America. Like so many of you, my parents and their parents immigrated to America for freedom and the American dream.

As your Congressman, I will focus on several critical areas of policy, including:

Our Children’s Education:

· Our public schools have become breeding grounds of Communist indoctrination.

· Our kids are being taught that America is bad, Socialism is good, religion is bad and that Americans and Armenians are somehow racists.

· Those that have been brainwashed, and those teaching them, want to tear down our great country, without offering any solutions. My opponent Schiff supports them.

· I support School Choice and Charter Schools and will work to require the government to send money presently being used on public schools to you to select schools for your children.

· Our children must again learn about the greatness of America and be provided with the education to lead successful and happy lives In our great country.

Law and Order:


· My opponent Mr. Schiff supports, and I oppose, all of the policies that are turning California into a Criminal’s Paradise: including emptying prisons of felons, zero bail, increasing the amount of property that can be stolen without punishment, and defunding police.

Small Business is the Heart and Soul of Our Community:

· I’m a small businessman. I strongly support our business community. Since 2000, there has been no net growth of jobs in Los Angeles County.

· California treats business owners as enemies. I will fight to end California’s crippling regulations and taxes on our businesses. I want business to stay in California and not run to other states.

Armenia Has Been a Friend of the United States and Our Foreign Policy Must Reflect Our Friendship

· I support the strong and free Christian people of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

· I do not support Turkey and Azerbaijan which have destabilized and bullied the region for far too long.

· I will push for increased aid, economic investment, and military cooperation with Armenia. Armenia is in many respects like America itself.

We Must Show That We Will Never Forget What Happened in 1915

· America must finally officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. The President must sign a proclamation recognizing and honoring the 1.5 million souls killed by the Ottomans.

· Mr. Schiff has dangled this over the heads of the Armenian community for 20 years and now wrongly takes credit for the many Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate who finally recognized the Genocide.

· The Republicans in the House and Senate despise Adam Schiff. Their support for the Genocide resolution had nothing to do with Adam Schiff. And in 2009 and 2010 when the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency, Mr. Schiff failed to introduce a bill to recognize the Genocide.

· Unlike Mr. Schiff, I tell the truth, and I am determined to do whatever I can to finally get our great nation to foster administration of Justice for the Armenian people to remedy the devetating effects of the Turkish-executed 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide and the resulting Great Dispossession.

· Unlike Mr. Schiff, I will work diligently to help lift the illegal blocade of Armenia by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Election Day Is Fast Approaching

Absentee balloting starts in October and I need your support. I have a great campaign team. We are getting support from around the nation and the District and we can win this. Our District can send me to Washington, D.C. with a plan to help our community and end Schiff’s 20 year abandonment of the District.

I respectfully ask for vote.

Thank you,

Eric Early

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