The Deceptive Pan Armenian Council of Western USA

Posted on September. 14. 2020


It is imperative that the 1,200,000+ Armenians of the Western United States be informed that the so called “Pan- Armenian Council of Western USA” is, in fact, an ad-hoc organization that was created to serve the interests of its self-appointed leadership. It does not, under any circumstances, represent the Western Armenian population of the United States. It is an organization that is comprised of members of the same Armenian signatory organizations that have undemocratically served the interests of their often self-appointed leadership. Since the inception of these organizations, their leaders have hijacked its membership and have used their positions for personal gain, status and self-aggrandizement (an act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one’s own importance, power, or reputation). Among these organizations are the “Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Western U.S. autocrat Vicken Hovsepian and Western Diocese of Armenian Church autocrat primate Arch. Hovnan Derderian who has been involved in fraud, deception, and was caught red-handed in a U.S. Court as a flagrant liar through his deputy and spokesman Rev. Manouk Markarian.”

On August 29th, the Pan- Armenian Council of Western USA was quick to benefit from the recent explosion in Lebanon that saw the suffering of many people, among them, many Armenian residents of Beirut. A Telethon was organized to raise money and although it was anticipated to raise $5 million, $10, $15 or even their $25 million goal, it only raised a meager $1,375,000 US Dollars. Many firmly believed that the telethon was another scheme to defraud the Armenians of Western USA under the guise of benevolence. Needless to say, the telethon miserably failed in meeting its widely expected goal. This demonstrates yet another example of how people have lost faith in these organizations and are afraid to donate as the money would likely be embezzled.

Having said that, the time has come for the Pan- Armenian Council of Western USA to STOP misrepresenting themselves and continue deceiving the Armenians of the Western United States. These organizations should immediately stop ‘representing’ the Armenians of Western USA and change their name. An appropriate replacement name could go something like this:
Committee Representing 24 Armenian organizations of the Western United States
Should this organization continue to represent Western Armenians, an imminent legal case is likely to take place in the near future.

Be aware! Last but not least: There is no fool like an old fool.

By Self-proclaiming as ‘community leaders’ in my generation without democratic process, Vicken Hovsepian and the Western Diocese of Armenian Church autocrat primate Arch. Hovnan Derderian in reality are exposing their own foolishness in full public display.

I don’t have anything against folks in my generation aspiring to become democratically elected leaders of their organization or the Armenians of Western United States. However, all men should stop their dream of “leading” so dishonestly.

I wonder which planet these con artists come from? These so-called leaders from my generation have a big problem handling the truth. The truth is they are washed-up, played-out and ready to drop dead. They are like those who have eyes but can’t see, have ears but can’t hear and have minds but can’t think.

If they could think straight, they would just stop their trickery and games and move into retirement with dignity.

Alternatively, they should crawl back under the rock from which they came.

But they must ultimately face justice and, as we know, justice always prevails.

One response to “The Deceptive Pan Armenian Council of Western USA”

  1. Mivomn says:

    Thank you, Garbis Korajian!

    The one positive thing we Armenian-Americans could derive from this utterly destructive “cancel culture” imposed on the masses would be for our “woke” Armenian-American progressive activists to look at our own issues and decide to “tear-down-to-build-back-better” our rotten self-appointed leaders who are destroying us from within. Don’t be fooled. The Diaspora has its own set of Hay oligarchs who control what we see, read and act on as Armenians.

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