CEASEFIRE: Armenians Should not LAY their arms down until lasting peace is achieved

Posted on October. 10. 2020

Issue #1750, October 9 – 15, 2020

Armenia and Artsakh are entitled to restitution by Azerbaijan for unprovoked aggression against Artsakh

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On Friday Oct. 9, Russia performed a diplomatic checkmate against Turkey by single-handedly brokering a ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan to go into effect Saturday noon Artsakh time.

Reportedly Armenian Defense Forces of Artsakh have registered military advances liberating more lands from Azerbaijani rule.

In reference to the ceasefire agreement and Artsakh’s favorable military results, a seasoned community activist and a consultant, Zanku Armenian wrote on his Facebook page on Friday: “Not One Inch. No compromising freedom. Get under the tent. Stay calm. Carry on.”

I responded: Absolutely. By unprovoked aggression against Artsakh, Azerbaijan has exposed itself to huge liabilities. Who’s going to make restitution for the immense human and material losses inflicted on civilians?

Azerbaijan’s oil industry must work 24/7/365 for the next 20 years to compensate the Armenian nation for the damages that they have inflicted on Artsakh and Armenia!”

Artsakh Republic Armenians should not relinquish their advantageous positions under any circumstances.

Armenians should not lay their arms down. By actively seeking a ceasefire, Azerbaijan’s dictator president Ilham Aliyev is gaining time to replenish and modernize his arsenal to give a ‘final’ blow to Artsakh and follow through his original plan and executing a new genocide against Armenians. Aliyev is also avoiding a comprehensive military defeat and capitulation.
Nobody knows how long this ceasefire will last. Armenians should continue their collective efforts on three major fronts:

  1. Further enhance their military capabilities;
  2. Raise more funds worldwide through Armenia Fund;
  3. Intensify political activism on the world stage to achieve the following objectives:
    a) Recognition of Artsakh independence;
    b) Expel Turkey from NATO
    c) Seek punitive damages against Azerbaijan
    d) Secure restitution from Azerbaijan on immense human and material losses inflicted on Artsakh and Armenia
    d) Secure international economic and military sanctions against Azerbaijan and Turkey
    In a text message sent to USA Armenian Life Richard M. Vartanian, U.S. Air Force 1953-1961, wrote: “One should not forget that it has not been established that Nagorno-Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. Indeed, the Constitution Act of Independent Azerbaijan (October 18, 1991) leads to an opposing conclusion.”
    Vartanian noted that Article 2 in Azerbaijan’s Constitution reads “theRepublic of Azerbaijan is the heir of the Republic of Azerbaijan that existed from 28 May 1918 till 28 April 1920.”
  4. He added: “The disputed territory was attached to Azerbaijan on July 5, 1921 night after an arbitrary decision by Sovietdictator Stalin. … This FACT must be PUBLICIZED!!! By their own Constitutionthe Azeri’s have NO legal claim to Artsakh. This must be continually hammered to all Congress members, State Dept, UN members, NATO members!!!
    Armenians Should not let their arms down neither on the battlefield nor in the international political arena until lasting peace is achieved.
    Otherwise Armenia-Artsakh’s tiny population of 3million which is no match to Azerbaijan’s 9 million and Turkey’s 82 million mayultimately lose if Azerbaijan resorts to a protracted war.

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