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Turkey is using US-made F-16 complete defense systems, solely authorized for NATO use, to provide cover for high-tech Israeli-made military drone systems, operated by Israeli military experts in Azerbaijan to destroy Armenia’s infrastructure, neutralize it’s military self-defense capability, and obliterate its population and cultural heritage. Both the U.S. and NATO are silent.Israel is silent.The Israeli government is working hand in hand with fake Jihadist mercenaries. Several thousand were transferred from Syria and elsewhere via Ankara to Baku “to complete the 1915 genocide” against the Armenians, and there is no end to the train.The very organizers of the 1915 genocide were almost all “Donme” Jews from Salonike in Greece—Jews converted to Islam. Zionist organizations provided cover in Europe before, during, and after the genocide in conspiracy with the Young Turk regime to silence the voice of truth. All these were documented in minute detail in a 2-volume book by an Armenian historian, John Kirakossian, published in 1982. Various Jewish intellectuals both in Israel and elsewhere agree to these facts. Many are at a loss of what to make of it, given the allegations are too serious. For many of those it has become an impetus for new research to discover what really happened in the most suppressed genocide of human history and what was the role of a group of fascist Jews in it.

A century later the signature of the events is exactly the same. Even a reputable publication like the Jerusalem Post deems it “business as usual”, justifying the wholesale dispatch of most advanced high tech weaponry, without scruples, to a genocidal regime, whose sole modus operandi is deceipt, lies, genocide, cover up, treachery.

Truthful religious seekers in all religions know deep in their hearts that the Holocaust was the spiritual consequence of Jewish involvement in all phases of the Armenian Genocide.

Israel has yet to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and make reparations for the Armenians, as it is the legal embodiment and successor of those Zionist organizations that were involved in the Armenian Genocide.

Perhaps it is easier “to complete the job of 1915” than face the truth.
If history is a guide, and nothing has changed in the spiritual laws governing the universe in the last 100 years, then a second Holocaust is in the brewing for the Jews around the world.

All honest (non-fascist) religious people, including and particularly in Judaism, deeply understand this invariant law. Perhaps it is still in their hands to stop a worldwide calamity by restraining their government which has mixed its blood with that of the most vicious terrorists in the Holy Land of Historic Armenia.

Unfortunately, there are some Jews who have a distorted vision of reality. One such group of people are those who are insistent on their view that because there were several hundred Armenians in the German army during WWII, “therefore, it is right for the Armenians to be subjected to another genocide. These anti-Armenian lunatics and hate mongers refuse to see that if there were 200 or two thousand Armenians in the German army, there were 2,000,000 Armenians in the Soviet army, more than 1/2 million gave their lives, and the Armenian batallion was the first to enter Berlin. These people are simply fixated on their pathological anti-Armenianism, and try to use every piece of “evidence” they hear about to validate their neuroses. Following their logic all the nations of the world must be massacred. 

For another, perhaps a larger group, anything that they don’t like to hear is automatically labeled as “anti-Semitism”, and the door to all debate or communication is shut forever.

Fortunately, there are many in Israel and around the world who know their backyard far better than us and are committed to the truth, to ethical values and morality, and refuse to succumb to the fascist propaganda and insemination of hatred by many of their compatriots. It is these people who can unite with similar minded Armenians to create a better world for mankind, free from religious or nonreligious fascism and force their government to face the truth regarding the Armenian Genocide and refrain from fishing in the murky waters of a Turkish and Azeri hopelessly genocidal mindset, and religious as well as nationalist policies to obliterate a 3-million Armenia that is seen as a wedge in between their nearly 100 million populations to create a Pan-Turanic empire, reestablish the Ottoman Empire, in which Arab sovereignty will be demolished and Israel will be the final moth in their eye that would need to be obliterated entirely.

Armen I
Catholicosate of Armenia Major & Armenia Minor
Los Angeles

About the author
Armen Melikian (b. 1963) holds a Master’s in International Relations from American University, Washington, D.C. He has also studied mathematics at Harvard and elsewhere, and was admitted by the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University to pursue graduate studies in Analytic Geometry, Mathematical Physics, and Topology. However, he eventually abandoned both politics and mathematics in favor of literature and dedicated his life to writing. Melikian lives in Los Angeles. He is the author of the award-winning “Journey to Virginland,”  ՈԳԵՇԸՆՉՈՒՄ ԲԱՂԴԱՍԱՐԻ—ՆՈՐ ՆԱՐԵԿ and ՈԳԵՇԸՆՉՈՒՄ ԽՈՐ ՄԱՆՈՒԿԻ—ՆՈՐ ՆԱՐԵԿ, the twin foundational texts of a future Armenian religion.

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