READER’S FORUM–Re: USA Armenian Life TV Program titled “Warrior Spirit Must Prevail Against External and Internal Enemies”

Posted on October. 16. 2020

Dear Appo, parev,
May God bless you over and over again, keep you safe and provide you great strength to continue your outstanding without bias, truthful reporting, and journalistic dedication to the Armenian and American people; through your celebrated and extraordinary newspaper, that you have published over these many years!  Barbara and I are so very, very proud of you and your creative reporting and hard work that you have tirelessly performed in your very informative newspaper for the general public at large! Bravo! Bravo!
Appo, what a great interview and service you conducted on U-tube for: Armenia, Artsakh and our Armenian wounded and killed solders and their families! Bravo!  Please send your interview commentary to the people on your Face book page, E-mail blast lists and ask all of people you contact, to please forward your interview commentary to all of their friends, familyand to all of the media!  PLEASE DONATE! (Armenian Wounded Soldiers Fund).
Also, your continued kindness and generosity in helping and supporting the wounded and killed Armenian soldiers and their families in Artsakh will be well remembered. Also, your valuable contact information, on how to donate to our “Wounded Armenian Soldiers Fund” will be greatly acknowledged! Thank you, thank you, so very much for getting involved in this most important life-saving matter for our Armenian soldiers of Artsakh! ( (Armenian Wounded Soldiers Fund).
Lastly, thank you for apprising Barbara and I and also our “Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble” on how and where to donate our separate donations of $2,000.00 for the “Wounded Armenian Soldiers Fund!”
Stay well and safe. Barbara sends you a big hug, I await your reply.
Respectfully, Manak Parov;
John Chookasezian, Artistic Music Director
“Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble”   –

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